Did you know that March has such a pretty birthstone? Aquamarine is a gorgeous blue-green hue that adds cool beachy tones and an under-the-sea style to your decor. And being such a bright shade, it’s only fair that aquamarine should have its time to shine. Say goodbye to pastels and jewel tones because we’re going bright and blue with these 13 aquamarine decorating tips.

1. Paint It: Paint is an obvious way to incorporate aquamarine into your home. It would look beautiful in a living room or a bedroom that you’re trying to brighten up. (via Front + Main)

2. Tiled: Any aspiring mermaids wouldn’t hesitate to spend an hour or two soaking in this aquamarine-tiled bathroom. The varying shades make it interesting for the eye. (via Homedit)

3. Furniture: You can buy or re-upholster something in aqua; such a bright piece will make a great eye-catcher for any room. (via Style by Emily Henderson)

4. Wallpaper: Isn’t that a lovely pattern? Bring a touch of that blue-green hue to your guest room or home office with patterned wallpaper. (via Casa Haus)

5. Dishes: Picture eating off aquamarine every morning. It would be adorable for a springtime brunch or a garden party. (via Farmhouse Wares)

6. Floors: Can you imagine walking across this beautiful floor? It almost looks like the sea itself. (via Made a Mano)

7. Chairs: Paint your dining room chairs in aquamarine for a pretty surprise when you sit down to dinner. (via Coosje)

8. Bedding: As you may have guessed, bedding is one of the easiest ways to change up the color in your bedroom. Just throw a new quilt on the bed and voila… instant aqua awesomeness! (via Anthropologie)

9. Vases and Candles: There are some fabulous vases in shades of aquamarine. Gather a couple for your mantle or sideboard to get that perfectly-hued vignette. (via Centsational Girl)

10. Ottoman: Is that not the most fabulous ottoman you’ve ever seen? We wouldn’t mind kicking our feet up there after a long day. (via Housekaboodle)

11. Painted Floors: For rooms with high ceilings, consider painting your floors the same color as your walls to give things a sense of coziness. (via ZsaZsa Bellagio)

12. Ultimate Aqua: If you’re a major aquamarine lover, go ahead and use all the wallpaper, furniture and paint you can find. (via New York Times)

13. Front Door: Give your friends an aquamarine warning before they step into your aquamarine paradise. It will flatter your front porch oh-so well. (via In Between Laundry)

Are you an aquamarine fan? How do you decorate with it? Tell us below!