Growing up, most little kids want a doll that looks just like them. But since dolls generally don鈥檛 span a diverse group of ethnicities, and having a body like Barbie is anatomically impossible, it鈥檚 hard for kids to realistically find their own mini-me in doll form. This is even more difficult for the 150 million kids with disabilities worldwide, but Toy Like Me is looking to change that.


Toy Like Me is a campaign that鈥檚 calling for more representation of kids with disabilities within the toy industry. And let鈥檚 be real: This isn鈥檛 just about playtime. For a kid with a disability, fitting in is super difficult. And without much representation of similar people in the media, it鈥檚 hard to feel like you belong somewhere.


Thankfully, Makies toy company has stepped in to promote the #ToyLikeMe philosophy by creating personalized, 3D printed dolls to look just like your kiddo. They鈥檝e already made a doll with a facial birthmark, one with a hearing aid and one with a cane. They鈥檝e even got a wheelchair option on the way, and hopefully that鈥檚 only the beginning.


Makies is a small British company that鈥檚 really showing bigger companies like LEGO and Mattel that the desire for doll diversity is not only there, it鈥檚 100% necessary. With 3D printing capabilities getting more advanced and personalized creations only a couple clicks away, it鈥檚 time that we stop settling for generic, stereotype-promoting toys and start seeing a reflection of real people in the toy aisle.


You can order your own customized doll and drop in special requests here and Makies will accommodate the best they can. To help promote the Toy Like Me community in their fight for better disability representation, you can like their Facebook page and share to support the cause.

Do you know a toy brand that鈥檚 creating diverse dolls? Spread the word in the comments!