When it comes to equality in the toy aisle, we actually need to turn back the hands of time to see it. It’s not often that we look to the past to find progress in feminism, but compared to the all-pink aisles of girls’ toys today, a 1973 letter from LEGO to parents is looking mighty progressive.

Uncovered from an old box of LEGOs, a Reddit user uploaded this image of a letter that LEGO sent out to parents, encouraging both boys and girls to play with their toys and to make whatever they want with them no matter what their gender.

Reading this letter 40 years later, it’s a little discouraging to see that toy companies no longer live by a mantra encouraging imagination and invention that’s not gender exclusive. The most recent viral complaint to LEGO was from a seven-year-old girl who wanted some girl characters with a little more on their agenda besides shopping. She wanted girls that instead “went on adventures, worked [and] saved people” like the “boy” LEGOs.

Goldieblox has taken the helm of creating innovative toys featuring smart, talented leading ladies, and their lineup is definitely perfect for any little girl. Still, what we’d love to see more of across the toy aisle is no division of pink and blue — no mutually exclusive boys toys and girl toys, but instead a mix of both that can all go on adventures, save people and even shop together.

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(h/t IFL Science)