Spoiler alert for nobody: Barbie’s body proportions are totally unrealistic. The classic doll’s teeny waist and tiny legs have been a hot topic for awhile now. An infographic breaking down her measurements demonstrated that her thin neck would make it impossible to lift her head and her ankles would require her to walk on all fours – not so great for showing off those endless legs. Back in March, artist Nickolay Lamm joined in on debunking the Barbie ideal by 3D printing a realistic doll with the average body proportions of a 19-year-old woman.

When he originally created the doll, it was purely an experiment, but not so surprisingly, it went viral. Lamm decided to bring the doll to life by raising $95,000 through CrowdtiltOpen so that he could officially manufacture the “Lammily” doll. Nickolay even got a little help from Robert Rambeau, a former VP at Mattel who helped him find high quality manufacturers to get the doll done right.

The design comes with flexible arms and feet, which means she can wear both heels and sneakers. She dawns minimal makeup and apparently has a keen interest in world travel – her outfit titles include “Rocking London,” “Exploring Rio,” “A Stroll Through Paris” and “Scotland Adventure.” You can also buy “Lammily Marks,” which are clear vinyl stickers you can apply and reapply to the doll. You’ll find the expected assortment of things like temporary tattoos and glasses, but you’ll also find acne, cellulite, stretch mark and dirt stains.

The 11″ Lammily doll is available for $25 on their site (just in time for Christmas). Currently the only available option is a brunette with light skin, but they hope to extend the line to embrace diversity in 2015.

This is all well and good but we just have one last question: If Lammily is all about portraying realistic proportions are we going to ditch the Barbie dream house for a Lammily shoebox-sized apartment? Only time will tell.

What’s your take on the Lammily doll? Do you think it will become the new Barbie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.