You can probably tell that here at Brit + Co., we’re all about Valentine’s Day. From pop culture valentines to sweets inspired by conversation hearts, we’ve covered almost all our bases except for one–gifts for your man! We know that buying a gift for a loved one is pretty much one of the hardest things to do after performing brain surgery (seriously, can we just buy everything?), so we’ve rounded up 15 manly (and sentimental) gifts for you to surprise your special guy with this Valentine’s Day.

1. Typography Print ($19): Yup, we’re awesome together. It’s just that simple.

2. Cook Your Date Into Bed ($16): If you’ve got a guy who loves to cook, check out this hilarious recipe book full of aphrodisiac foods for a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.

3. Personalized Wallet Bottle Opener ($20): Hey, you never know when he’ll need to open a bottle! Not only is this bottle opener the perfect size to fit into his wallet, but you can even personalize it with a sweet message for your boo.

4. USB Cassette ($15): Remember the good ol’ middle school days when you’d make a mix tape to express your love to the boy of your dreams? Turns out you can bring mix tapes back with this rad reinvention of the ’80s and ’90s trend. The cassette comes with an attached USB so you can make one the modern way. How cool is that?

5. Arrow Stamped Cuff Links ($45): Feeling the effects of Cupid’s arrow? Share the love with these adorable stamped cuff links, adorned with your first initials.

6. Apple Red Bow Tie ($25): A funky bow tie like this one would be a great addition to your man’s fancy date night outfit.

7. Bacon Spread ($48): What better way to celebrate the day of love than with one of the most beloved foods of America? This mouth-watering bacon spread is sure to bring a smile to his face this Friday.

8. Man Candles ($28): According to the Chicago Candle Co., bourbon and coffee are the smells of men. And we’re totally okay with that.

9. Personalized Guitar Pick ($17): This has to be one of the most chic guitar picks we’ve ever seen. The oxidized look to it adds a great vintage touch as well!

10. The Man Can ($48): Yes, it’s the man can: the epitome of manliness with its “manly soap”, “masculine bay rum oil”, and “spicy shaving gel”.

11. Mustache Pint Glasses ($28): Funny gifts like these pint glasses are always the ones that you remember for years to come.

12. Wi-Fi Hotspot Cuff Links ($250): Wait, we can’t decide whether we love the USB cassette or these awesome cuff links more! Not only are these beauties super sleek, but they’re also a Wi-Fi hotspot for Internet on the go.

13. Anchor Bow Tie ($18): Bow ties are definitely making a stylish comeback, and these three are no exception. These bright colors are extremely versatile and will go well with almost all of your guy’s clothes!

14. Just Little Things ($15): You adore all the little things about him, so this book is a perfect way to show your appreciation and love for your boo.

15. Stemless White Wine Glasses ($40): Monogramming is instant classiness. These stemless wine glasses are both unique and beautiful!

Which of these fabulous presents is just right for your man? Drop us a line in the comments below!