If romance to you is a freshly stocked Netflix queue and a viewing buddy who understands all of your Parks and Rec references, get ready to treat yo’ self to your ultimate Valentine’s Day roundup. Prep your printer and Pinterest for printables, shareables and presents for the pop culturally inclined this V-Day!

1. Lobster Cookiesand Cards for Lovers and Friends Lovers: Don’t let your love life be DOA! Gift your Lobster with a special Friends-inspired treat from Cronut King Dominique Ansel ($12) or a card ($7) that makes all other points moo. (via Dominique Ansel, upgradegr on Etsy)

2. Mean Girls Valentines: How many for Glen Coco? It remains to be seen. But you’ll be the fetch-est girl on 2/14 with these. (via Jen Lewis)

3. Breaking Bad Valentines: These are for a love that defies all elements on the periodic table. (via Beth Evans)

4. Lost Valentines Download Pack: Take a trip back to the island with this download for your Sawyer, your Jack and all your Others. (via Adventuring Company)

5. Me + You Valentine’s Day Cards: Barbara Pala’s amore-inspired artwork is perfect for the unconventional type of love that exists between two Muppets or one man and his bunnies. (via EveryGuyed)

6. Parks and RecreationValentines: There are almost as many different Valentine’s (and, Galentine’s) Parks and Rec options as there are holidays in Leslie Knope’s calendar, meats in Ron Swanson’s dreams or cashmere throws in Tom Haverford’s home. Thank you, Internet. (via NBC and Roaring Softly)

7. SVUtines: Do you think it will be weird if we send one of these to Dick Wolf? (via Brandon Bird)

8. 90s Heartthrob Valentine Printables: We crafted these cards straight from your childhood crushes to download, print out and give to all your friends. But if you want to decorate your bedroom walls with them all over again, we won’t tell. (via Brit + Co.)

9. The Office Valentines: Adam and Eve, Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Jim and Pam. A love like theirs deserves their own day, but February 14th will do too. And if you’re more of a Dwight or Andy girl, you’re covered. (via Beavotron)

10. Golden Girls Valentines: Have you been meaning to tell someone, “hey, look, thank you for being a friend. It’s like we’ve traveled down the road and even back again. Your heart is true, pal. Confidante.”? We have just the valentines for you… (via Joey Devilla)

11. Handmade New Girl Valentine Printable ($7): We’ve all fallen for, dated and broken up with a Nick Miller or two in our day. Here’s to Jess making a man out of the ultimate manchild! (via roaringsoftly on Etsy)

12. Ryantine’s Day Cards: Around here, we live every day like it’s Ryantine’s Day so these cards will make sure all the hey girls and hey guys in our lives do too. (via RyantinesDay.com)

13. Downton Abbey Valentines: The only antidotes for the broken heart Matthew Crawley left us with. (via Tumblr)

14. Always Sunny Valentines: Make sure it’s a sunny day wherever your Valentine may be with the help of the delightfully weird gang. (via Corinne Mock)

15. Community Valentines: If your romance is half as special as Troy and Abed’s bromance you’re in for a long life together. Or at least five seasons and lots of cool fort building. (via engelen.tumblr.com)

16. TV-Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards: The only other place Homeland‘s Carrie and Bill Hader’s Stefon hang out is on our DVR. And in our hearts. (via Hollywood.com)

17. Arrested Development Valentines: For “Her?” (via Marisa Seguin)

18. House of Cards Valentine’s Day Card ($6) and Printable($5): Have you heard? House of Cards comes back to us on February 14 making V-Day the perfect day to order in and get comfy on the couch with your s/o or BBWFFs — best binge-watching friends forever. (via frannerd and PrintPunch on Etsy)

19. Game of Thrones Print ($15) Winter may be coming, but these will warm that special someone up. (via Chris Bishop)

20. Hunger Games Valentines Printable: When they said “love is a battlefield,” I’m not quite sure this is what they had in mind. (via Yenniper)

21. Simpsons Printables and I Choo-Choose You Cupcakes: Even the Ralph Whigham in your life deserves something special this Valentine’s Day. (via deconcept and Spoonful/FamilyFun Magazine)

22. Love on Top eCard: If you can’t take the Jay to your B to the three course Beyonce-themed dinner in Brooklyn, this will have to do. If only we could Seamless over a couple orders of “Jay-Ziti” and “I am Pasta Fierce” cross country. (via Teen.com)

23. Avengers Valentines: Defend your Justice League-size love on V-Day with this artist’s super hero (super cute!) sketches. (via gingerhaze.tumblr.com)

24. True Blood-Themed Valentines: The perfect cards for fangbangers, your bloody valentines and Alexander Skarsgard enthusiasts. (via HBO & The Vault)

25. Mad Men Valentines: While just a box of chocolates with Jon Hamm’s face on it would suffice, these vintage-inspired tongue-in-cheek printables are pretty sweet too. (via Jezebel)

26. Silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill Valentine’s Day Card ($4): Buy your friend a fancy lotion, place it in a beautiful basket, nestle this card inside and drop the mic because you just won the Pop Culture Valentine’s Olympics, my friend. (via TheDrewBlank on Etsy)

27. Jersey Shore Love Notes: May your love be more Snooki and JWOWW, less Ronnie and Sammi. (via College Humor)

28. Super Hero Lollipop Printables It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a sweet way to guarantee you’ll save the (school!) day on February 14th. (via Zakka Life)

29. Doge Valentines ($4): Wow. Such romance. (via PonyChopsShop on Etsy)

30. Sherlockand Doctor Who Valentines: The perfect prints for the pop culture-loving anglophile (or the raging Cumberbunny) on your Valentine’s Day list. (via gingerhaze.tumblr.com)

Which pop culture couple is your favorite? Tell us which valentine you’ll use to say “Be Mine” below!