Is it just us or is love in the air? More specifically, Cupid’s arrows flying high through the sky. For a minute, forget putting a bird on it. Today, it’s all about putting an arrow on it. Valentine’s Day may be on the horizon, but these trends transcend the heart-shaped holiday and move into everyday life with looks that are totally and utterly making their mark. (Pun intended. Always.)

1. Painted Salad Servers: This hack should take you five minutes, tops. Added bonus: It’s a most excellent way to add a pop of color to your dinner table. (via Paper and Stitch)

2. Mobile: Remember the movie Hook? Remember the Lost Boys (Rufiooooo!)? Well this is something those kids would appreciate. And so would your hipster best friend who just won’t grow up. (We say that with all the love in the world.) (via Grace Laced)

3. Gold Zealous Arrows Card ($5): Finding greeting cards with arrows on them is hardly a feat. But this one did win a little award from Elle as one of the best cards from an up-and-coming designer. We tend to agree. It’s right on target ;)

4. Garland ($20): Hearts get most of the attention during V-Day, but we think that should change… Decorate your party with these straight shooters.

5. Cufflinks ($38): For your boho-chic man, a pair of cufflinks to let him know you’ve made him the mark of your affection.

6. Tie Bar ($40): And because those cufflinks would feel so out of place without a coordinating accessory, here’s a tie-bar partner for them.

7. Colorful Linen Pins ($6): You know what we’d do with these little lovelies? We’d trick out our bobby pins with them. Yes, that’s exactly what we’d do.

8. Inferno Mitten ($71): Since we have a little bit of an addiction to our iPhones, we’re big fans of fingerless gloves. This is a lovely pair, but if you somehow have an old, knit, arrow sweater lying around, we think this is how you should repurpose it.

9. Coral and Tusk Pillow ($84): Is there anything designed by Coral and Tusk that doesn’t make us feel like we’re characters in Moonrise Kingdom? The answer is no, and that’s why we’re obsessed with everything that comes out of their studio.

10. Shorts ($80): These aren’t exactly reminiscent of Cupid’s arrow, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. We see Edie Sedgwick rocking these at The Factory. Could they be any more pop fab?!

11. Hand Drawn Mouse Pad ($12): Let us guess. You’re known for buying the cutest mouse pads in the office. And somehow, they keep walking off. Literally write your name on it, and stop your coworkers from “borrowing” your cute desktop swag.

12. Phone Case ($29): Bullseye. You found that bright, playful phone case you’ve been looking for.

13. Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake Picks: Are you going to make these for all your workmates? You most certainly are. (via Creature Comforts)

14. Tapestry Wallpaper ($150): Want. Correction: Need.

15. Removable Wallpaper ($60): You read that right. This is totally removable wallpaper. Although we have no idea why you would ever want to take it down.

16. Vintage Arrow Valentine: How obsessed with you would your partner or pals be if you presented them with Cupid’s arrows made by the one and only you? Very obsessed. (via Design Sponge)

17. Arrow Rack: And to display your insanely cool creations? An arrow rack, of course! (via The Red Jet)

18. Watercolor Wallpaper ($60): It’s official. There are just loads of adorable arrow-inspired wallpapers out there. And your wall is patiently waiting to meet them.

19. Wrapping Paper ($22): Part chevron, part rainbows, part arrowheads, all awesome.

20. Bohemian Mug ($15): Your morning coffee ritual just got a whole lot hipper. And you didn’t have to do a thing.

21. Sharp Shooter ($65): Organic, rainbow, screen printed – all arrows point to yes.

22. Zebra Umbrella ($190): You didn’t even know you wanted a zebra-and-arrow umbrella until now.

23. Electric Arrow Tote ($98): You totes need this.

24. Minimal Duvet Cover ($169): You are seeing double, and that’s perfectly okay. Because this matching clock/duvet combo is magical.

25. Print Leggings ($60): Everyone. Stop looking. We’ve officially found the coolest leggings in all the universe.

Bonus! Single Pave Earring ($1,935): Yes, that price is ridiculous. And it’s only for one earring! Which obviously makes us want it even more.

What arrow inspiration are you shooting for? Leave your mark in the comments below!