Finally! You can eat, eat, and eat, and no one will say a darn thing to you. Yep, you鈥檙e pregnant. And that means those incredible expandable-waist jeans are quickly becoming your new BFF during your pregnancy weight gain. But for those pregnant mamas who want to push everything in and tighten up, maternity Spanx are here to help. Now, before you shake your head, roll your eyes, or immediately click your way to a brand-new pair, scroll on for the scoop on Spanx鈥檚 Mama Maternity Line.

What Are Maternity Spanx?

Your go-to pair of opaque tights just won鈥檛 do. The down-to-the-toes option just isn鈥檛 practical at a family picnic in the blistering heat. So, go ahead and pick up a pair of maternity short shapewear, like Spanx鈥檚 Mama Short. Don鈥檛 expect it to tighten up that growing belly of yours. The shapewear isn鈥檛 meant to hide your bump. Instead, it pulls in any unflattering thigh and booty bulges.

If you鈥檙e in need of a dressier shapewear option 鈥 say, you鈥檙e going to a play or dining out at your favorite restaurant 鈥 Spanx鈥檚 Mama Sheers are a great option. They鈥檙e the same sheer pantyhose you used to wear in your pre-pregnancy days, but they have a comfy cutout at the top to accommodate your growing belly. Oh, and they鈥檒l also tighten up and smooth out your thighs and butt.

The third option in Spanx鈥檚 maternity line are the Mama Tights, which are perfect paired with a cute skirt on cooler days. They鈥檙e full-coverage and thicker than the sheer shapewear.

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Do You Need them?

Here鈥檚 the thing: You really don鈥檛 need to wear tight, body-hugging shapewear when you鈥檙e pregnant. Your growing bump and the body changes that come with pregnancy are beautiful. But if you do happen to have a black-tie occasion or somewhere extra-special to go, or you鈥檙e feeling rather frumpy, the super-suck-in support that maternity Spanx provides might be exactly what you need right now. On top of that, the shapewear does reduce visible panty lines, if you鈥檙e wearing any.

If you鈥檙e picking up a pair of the tights or sheers shapewear, you don鈥檛 even need those pesky pregnancy panties 鈥 they鈥檝e got a cotton gusset. (Don鈥檛 feel bad if you have no clue what in the heck a gusset is. It鈥檚 that little piece of material sewn into the crotch of the tights/sheers. Not only does it add extra width to the area, but it also means you can totally go commando.)

So, you鈥檝e worn Spanx in your pre-pregnancy days. That means you know what the regular kind does and how it feels to wear them. Yeah, you know that scuba-suit type of comfort that shapewear provides. Some pregnant mamas would rather look less bumpy than feel like they can let loose. Others can鈥檛 imagine pulling an extra layer under their already rubber band-like clothes. Whether you opt to wear them or not, we know you鈥檒l look great. The choice is yours, mama!

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