Aww, that cute little belly bump just popped out! Adorable. That’s totally THE way your body changes during pregnancy. Um, or not. Yeah, your belly will grow. And, grow some more. But, that’s not the only change your baby-filled body is going through. Check out these pregnancy-induced body changes (and shhh, don’t hate on your mommy-friends just because they may have glossed over them)!

A pregnant lady smiles whilst holding a coffee cup

1. Loose Joints: Hormonal changes are causing those all-important joint-supporting ligaments to relax, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This is partially responsible for that duck-like waddle you see preggos doing. Along with waddling, loose joints may make it easier to hurt yourself when working out. While you need to be careful when running or getting your other kind of aerobic activity on, it doesn’t mean that you need to totally trade your gym gear in for the remote control and a bag of chips.

2. Noticeable Nipples: You were completely prepared for the sudden jump in cup size. Your BFF told you (and by told you, we mean gloated) all about how she went from barely B’s to full C’s when she was pregnant. But, she seemed to skip over the fact that pregnancy doesn’t just make your boobs bigger. That’s right, your areolas will also grow — and possibly darken and stick out more too!

3. Veiny Legs: The growing pressure that your pump is putting on your blood supply coupled with an increase in overall blood volume can lead to varicose veins. These little twisted looking streaks of dark blue may start popping up on your legs as your pregnancy progresses. Unlike some of the other body changes, these aren’t likely to completely go away after delivery day. While they may not be as noticeable weeks or months after pregnancy, you’ll need a medical fix (such as sclerotherapy — when a doc injects the veins with a special solution) to make them disappear.

4. Nosey Issues: You’re suddenly stuffy. It must be a cold… or, not. A stuffy nose is a completely common change during pregnancy. The increased blood supply that was partially responsible for those varicose veins comes into play again here. Combine that with pregnancy hormones that are changing the tissues inside of your nose, and you’ve got a stuffy situation. This may lead to a nosebleed or two. That said, if you’re having regular nosebleeds, give your doc a call right away.

5. Salivation Overload: Suddenly you’re rivaling Fido for master of the drool. You’re salivating at an unreal rate, and it’s not helping your morning sickness. It’s possible that the nausea you’re feeling is the reason behind the excess saliva — or, it might be hormonal. Even though the pros don’t know the exact cause, it’s a common body change that many women go through.

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