It's almost summertime. Flowers are abloom and summer treats are abound. So naturally, we've decided to combine the two to create beautiful and refreshing flower popsicles!

Ingredients (makes 8 pops)

– 1 cup sugar

– 1 cups water

– 2 tbsp to 1/2 cup dried flowers

– fresh edible flowers, rinsed and remove petals

Gather your flowers!

Choose your own flowers – fresh or dried – from this great list of edible flowers. We went with a potpourri, if you will, of lavender, elderflower, hibiscus, fresh rose, and fresh carnation.

Then steep 'em.

Heat sugar, water, and flowers in a saucepan over medium heat. Depending on how floral you like your pops, add between 2 tbsp and 1/2 cup of the dried flowers (we like ours to POP, so we use about 1/2 cup). Cover and remove from heat. Set aside for 1 hour, allowing the flowers to steep. Pour mixture into pop molds while straining out the flowers.

Add the freshies. Freeze without stick for one hour, then remove from freezer and add fresh flower petals, arranging them evenly throughout the pop (you may have to push them down with the stick). Add sticks and freeze until solid.

Enjoy and be refreshed! Perhaps a batch of Flower Popsicles for breakfast and Kahlua Pudding Pops for dessert?

Tried your hand at any summertime treats involving edible flowers? Leave us a note in the comments below or send recipe ideas and photos our way on Twitter. Happy May Flowers!

Diana Hardeman is the owner and chef of MilkMade Ice Cream, a craft ice cream of the month subscription service based in New York. Check out her ice cream adventures on her blog, Adventures in Ice Cream.