Staying motivated during meal prep Sunday isn鈥檛 always an easy task. Not only do you have to drag your butt to the grocery store and pick up all the ingredients for those healthy recipes, but cooking 21 plus meals in one go is a lot of effort on anyone鈥檚 part 鈥 no matter how delicious your healthy chocolate recipes or healthy pizzas are. Not to worry, though 鈥 the fine folks of Instagram are here for all of your inspirational needs. Scroll on for 10 Instagram accounts that will make meal prep Sunday a total breeze.

1. @mealpreponfleek: Featuring healthy eating tips, meal prep hauls and awesome healthy recipes right on their Instagram, this one-stop-shop is a great resource for beginners and pros alike.

PREP. FOR MY SALAD CHALLENGE DAY 74 - 80/366 - Chickpeas & Butternut Squash PREP. PARA MEU DESAFIO DA SALADA - DIA 74 - 80/366 - Gr茫o-de-bico e Ab贸bora Pesco莽uda SALAD IN A JAR - CHICKPEAS & BUTTERNUT SQUASH - (FOR 5 JARS) 鈥 陆 medium red onion thinly sliced 鈥 10oz cherry tomatoes 鈥 1 cup sweet peas 鈥 2 陆 cups baked butternut squash (around 1 medium butternut squash) 鈥 2 cups of cooked wild rice 鈥 2 cups of cooked chickpeas 鈥 10 cups arugula 鈥 10 tbsp. sunflower seed 鈥 At the time to eat I add the dressing and avocado. Add avocado if you want. DRESSING (FOR 1 SALAD - It is easier for me to prepare the dressing for each salad individually, in the little dressing containers that I use.) 鈥 1 garlic clove, crushed 鈥 1 tsp. of salt (or to taste) 鈥 2 tsp. olive oil 鈥 1 tsp. of nutritional yeast 鈥 Juice of 陆 lemon SALADA NO POTE - GR脙O-DE-BICO E AB脫BORA PESCO脟UDA (PARA 5 SALADAS) 鈥 陆 cebola roxa m茅dia cortada em rodelas 鈥 283g de tomate cereja 鈥 1 x铆cara de ervilha 鈥 2 陆 x铆caras de ab贸bora pesco莽uda assada (em torno de 1 ab贸bora m茅dia) 鈥 2 x铆caras de arroz selvagem cozido 鈥 2 x铆caras de gr茫o-de-bico cozido 鈥 10 x铆caras de r煤cula 鈥 10 c. sopa de semente de girassol 鈥 Na hora de servir coloco o tempero. Adicione abacate, se quiser. TEMPERO (PARA 1 SALADA - acho mais f谩cil preparar o tempero para cada salada individualmente, j谩 nos potinhos que uso). 鈥 1 dente de alho amassado 鈥 1 c. de ch谩 de sal (ou a gosto) 鈥 2 c. de ch谩 de azeite de oliva 鈥 1 c. de ch谩 de fermento nutricional 鈥 Suco de 陆 lim茫o

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2. @marciacal01: Okay, we know salads are the most boring healthy food on the planet, but one look at Marcia鈥檚 Instagram feed and she鈥檒l have you convinced of the power of a little green. Following what she calls the 鈥淪alad Challenge,鈥 this account will make you swoon for veggies (it鈥檚 possible, trust us).

3. @welovecleanfood: Based out of Dublin, Ireland, this beautiful collection features food prep pics that will make you want to get organized ASAP 鈥 plus a few mouth-watering brownie recipes to help you through it.

4. @mealprepmondays: Beautiful pics, delicious recipes and a free grocery list download? Alex Torres is all about making the meal prep life easy and delicious. Check out his blog for even more inspo.

5. @mealprepsociety: This fan account only showcases the best of the best. Let鈥檚 just say we鈥檙e investing in some good Tupperware after a good scroll.

6. @floordeboor_fit: A self-proclaimed 鈥淒utchie getting fit,鈥 this inspirational feed is a great resource for meal preppers and health gurus. Check out her personal story about weight loss and meal prepping on her dedicated blog.

7. @dannysfitfood: Danny鈥檚 passion for meal prepping and #realgirl charm is infectious, which is just the motivation you need on a late Sunday night.

8. @mealprepdaily: Another curation of #mealprepper content, this active user posts all the meal prep inspo you could ever dream of 鈥 with a few hilarious illustrations thrown in for good measure, of course.

9. @foodprepprincess: Fitness nutrition coach Erin Romeo is no stranger to the world of meal prepping, and her gorgeous Instagram feed is definitely worth a follow.

10. @chris.rocchio_fit: Healthy recipes, workout pics and gold level meal prepping, Chris Rocchio鈥檚 account has a little bit of everything. Follow his daily musings for a good ol鈥 dose of healthy eating 101.

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