It鈥檚 creepy. It鈥檚 freaky. It鈥檚 totally, spine-chillingly fantastic. It鈥檚 the new teaser trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events, and in it we鈥檙e introduced to someone who we would probably rather not know. That is, the 鈥渉orrible,鈥 鈥渁wful鈥 鈥渕urderer鈥 at the center of the story you鈥檙e warned to stay away from: Count Olaf.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

All 13 episodes will hit Netflix on Friday the 13, January 2017 (how perfect is that?) and will each relate to one of the 13 books in the Lemony Snicket series, which tells the tale of the Baudelaire orphans and their villainous guardian, Olaf.

Neil Patrick Harris

The creepy Count is played this time around by Neil Patrick Harris, and he鈥檚 as evil as expected. While the first teaser promised us 鈥渃ruel whimsy and whimsical cruelty,鈥 the second teaser is just as intensely foreboding.

You may think you鈥檙e familiar with Count Olaf, but prepare yourself to meet him all over again, because as the trailer says, 鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 the faintest idea.鈥

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(Photos via Netflix, Joe Scarnici/Getty)