While Donald Trump is embroiled in controversy over his lewd comments and accusations of sexual assault, his wife, Melania, has stayed by his side but isn’t exactly staying quiet. She made an official statement earlier, but now Melania Trump has done a full interview about the sickening sitch. But what she had to say hasn’t exactly smoothed things over at all. If anything, her views (and the way she’s expressed them) have made things even worse.

Melania Trump

When she sat down to chat with CNN, Melania was asked directly about Donald’s disgusting comments re: grabbing women by the “pu$$y.” She simply responded, as before, that she was surprised because that’s not the man she knows.

But eyebrows were raised when she decided to defend his behavior by saying, first, he was just engaging in “boy talk” as “teenaged boys” do (though Donald was 59 when he made the now-infamous comment). She then went on to describe him as a boy (“I have two boys at home. I have my young son and my husband”) who is easily influenced and will go along with whatever he’s told to do or say. Um, wha?!

Melania Trump and Donald Trump

People are obviously not impressed, saying these are NOT the qualities of someone who should be president.

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