Get serious; you haven’t successfully kept track of a USB drive since “Fergalicious” was the background music for your deep discussions on whether or not KFed and Britney were meant to be. Hopefully you’re a little bit better at not losing jewelry, yeah? And just as good at making sure to keep your digital valuables (photos, files and the like) safe. No matter where you fall on the forgetful spectrum, there’s a new tech-sessory on Kickstarter that combines all of these things into one, mega-wearable design — the Memory Ring.

Memory Ring isn’t just a cute cocktail ring ready to roll with your homies at every party you’re going to this weekend. It has a hidden flash drive in it. It’s kind of like the modern day version of the perfume rings of yore or the lip balm rings of a much more recent yore.

The idea for this little device came from the place you probably think it did. After losing countless flash drives to the point where it was a punchline within his fam, creator Ming Wu decided to make a backup system that would be a no-brainer to take with you. The resulting ring comes in a variety of materials from steel (cool, manly) to 14kt rose gold (bling BLING) and is meant to be unisex. Fashionably speaking, the accessory is a bit of a blank slate as-is, but with custom engraving, we are willing to invite it to the jewelry stacking party.

There are still Early Bird pledges available for £25 or more (about $40 USD) to get your own 16GB version of the Memory Ring. You might be confident in the cloud to keep your personal pics and docs safe on the reg, but we could see this coming in handy in a professional setting. Imagine you’re in an interview and someone wants to see some of your work and you’re all, like A BOSS, unlocking your entire portfolio from your ring. Wedding planners could have majorly clutch backup on hand at all times if the groom forgets his super touching surprise photo slideshow somewhere between the altar and the dance floor. The options may not be endless, but they are pretty cool. Especially if Memory Ring 2.0 has some higher tech bells and whistles, like a beacon system that knows where you and fellow Memory Ring wearers are, or Bluetooth capabilities so you can send your files without plugging in. Fine, and how about a tiny speaker to play the aforementioned “Fergalicious.”

Would you wear Memory Ring? Do you think this concept is crazy or cool? Sound off below!