Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO or a self-employed Etsy shop owner, business cards play a major role in any company. And while they’re not as frequently used as they used to be, almost everyone who’s in the business of doing business still has them (somewhere hidden and wrinkled in the bottom of their purse or wallet). If only they could do more than just take up space and kill trees, you sigh. Save your sighs for something else, because the swivelCard is anything but basic.

SwivelCard is officially the first smart business card. Yes, it’s still made out of paper, but printed right onto it is a fully functional USB drive that can store up to 5.1 MB of information. From resumes and portfolios to presentations and videos, the possibilities of what you can load onto the swivelCard are absolutely endless.

So, how does it work? Program each card individually or an entire box at once. The recipient of your card can do a little origami to expose the USB drive, pop it into their laptop and access everything you’ve stored for them to see.

If for any reason you want to add or remove something after your cards are given out, that’s totally fine because swivelCard gives you the ability to update it remotely so that it holds the latest data. This is particularly useful for people who load their card with websites, documents or photos that are ever changing. It also comes with a QR code, for those who want to access your data, but aren’t near their computer. All they have to do is open any one of those code-reading apps, wave their smartphone or tablet over the card, and boom! The same information that’s available on the USB drive pops up immediately onto their screen.

But wait, it can do more! Not only can you load tons of data onto the swivelCard, you can also track real-time analytics. You’ll see a map of everywhere your business cards have been around the world, who accessed them, when and how many times.

By now you must be wondering about the most important part — what it looks like. Just because it’s got a USB drive on it doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. The swivelCard comes in eight modern and colorful designs to match you and your company’s personality and culture.

They’re not available to the public quite yet, but they are set to launch their Kickstarter later this month. If you’re interested in being one of the first to show your support, you can sign up to be notified on their website for the latest news about their campaign.

Would you use a smart business card? How could it help you out? Tell us in the comments below!