Even though your Big Day is a reeeally BIG day, it’s likely had a few (or, more like, a few hundred/thousand) days that mattered leading up to it. Many of those ones deserve a shout out at your wedding, too. When J.P. and Niki got hitched last year, they came up with a brilliant way for guests to experience all their big days and the moments that lead up to the one where they said “I do.”

What they do during their 9 to 5s is work in the tech industry, creating user experience for companies. Fun! And good practice: They took all of that knowledge and applied it to an area of their wedding, creating an Interactive Memory Station dubbed “The Memory Post — a Retrospective of Niki and J.P.” This is a totally acceptable example of letting work take over your personal life.

Guests could put on bright, orange Urbanears headphones hooked up to an iPad and watch the bride and groom’s childhood memories as well as the original presentation the groom gave the bride when he popped the question. Aw, indeed.

On a scale from “sweet photo slideshow” to “epic video mashup,” this is off the charts. You could add an element where guests record personal memories of the bride(s), groom(s) or couple, or even throw in photos, diaries and other scrapbook-worthy keepsakes to add some mixed material love. Even the headphones could be a color that matches your wedding’s palette. We’ve been taking you down DIY Wedding Lane and know it’s a challenge to plan a celebration that somehow represents two individuals and the life they have been starting together. We think an idea like this nails it.

Kudos to our fellow techies at Geeksugar for spotting and Tweeting our attention to this lovely idea!

Did you and your bride or groom share memories in a fun, creative way like this? Did your wedding have a “tech twist” to it? Share with us below!

(h/t: Geeksugar via 100 Layer Cake + Photos: Kate Harrison)