During all of the ongoing fashion weeks, we’ve been swooning over a front row studded with stars, celebs and stacked jewelry. Whether going for a half dozen rings on one finger, tons of different textures on the wrist or doing all of the above, it’s clear that stacks are in. Lucky for you, we know just how to rock it. Here’s how to get the look.

So now that you know how to rock the look, what about where to find the pieces to make it happen? Well, we’ve got a SHOP for that! :)


Put a Ring On It: Choose delicate rings if you’re planning to stack ’em up. Make sure to stay away from large statement rings so that you can create a lovely layered look.

Going clockwise from the top left: Lil Whirl Mid Ring ($15); Thin Gold Chain Ring ($20); Brass Triangle Ring ($32); Single Curved Stacking Rings ($35).


Bracelets, Bangles and Cuffs, Oh My: When it comes to arm candy, we recommend sticking with a refined, chic color palette. Thin gold bracelets stack beautifully to create a textured look that screams high fashion.

Starting from the top: Kalix Cuff ($90); Crescent Moon Brass Bangle Trio ($80); Valentina Bracelet ($110); Silk + Gold Chain Bracelet ($20).

Head to the jewelry section of the B+C Shop for even more ideas on layering rings, bracelets and more.

And if you know of a super talented jewelry maker that we should check out, leave us a note in the comments below!