Raise your hand if you hit snooze once (twice… okay, three times) this morning. No judgment here; we’re guilty of it, too. Sure, we’ve got hacks to wake up to perfectly coiffed hair and apps for our morning cuppa, but getting up and going for the day isn’t always easy. What if you could pepper in a few extra tasks before you get one foot out the door?

Re:Make 2013 guest speaker and YouTube makeup maven Michelle Phan‘s morning routine is all about multitasking to the max — squeezing in a few squats while brushing her teeth and checking email in the shower. (You read that right. We couldn’t believe it either.) She shared her complete routine with Today, and it’s inspired us to be make more purposeful, efficient use of our time. Here are some of her top tips to rise and shine at the top o’ the mornin’.

1. Squeeze in a Workout: Like we said, the girl does squats while brushing her teeth, which totally makes sense when you think about it. Chances are you can probably make some multitasking moves while you’re doing some epic Netflix binge watching. Michelle also suggests reading emails and checking your calendar for the day while doing push-ups.

2. Multitask While Reading Those Emails: So just how does she check her email while she’s showering? It can be done with the help of a waterproof phone. We’re personally big fans of using our commute to work as time to answer emails. That way you can be on top of your inbox before you even sit down at your desk.

3. Beautify in 30 Minutes: When it comes to putting on makeup, Michelle takes “five minutes to create a natural look focusing on eyes (liner, mascara and eyebrows), lip balm and concealer.” For her hair, “it’s wash and blow dry, which takes about 25 minutes.” Not sure how to get your locks looking luxe in that amount of time? Here are 20 five-minute hairdos to guide you in the right direction.

If you’re as fascinated with Michelle’s take-charge routine as we are, make sure to check out her new book Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success — Online and Off ($14).

What’s your favorite way to jumpstart a good morning? Tell us about your morning routine in the comments!

(h/t Today)