In a perfect world, we would all belong to a spa-like gym, one where the classes always fit into our schedule, and where we never have to wait for an elliptical machine. Cue reality: Gals be busy. Initiation fees are steep. And that dude has totally gone over the 60-minute limit on the treadmill.

We’re not telling you this as an excuse to get paunchy. What we’re doing here is advocating for the always affordable, always private, always open home workout routine sans bulky equipment. Yep, it’s just you and your muscles from here on out. Get it, girl.

1. No Equipment Necessary: Nichole Ciotti does not dig the gym. She prefers taking her toned bod to the streets, which means she can’t be weighted down with equipment. We’re all about her routine of classic moves like squats, lunges, wall sits, and jumping jacks. (via Vanilla Extract)

2. Long Lean Legs: We’re big fans of barre. But the problems with classes? Sometimes their schedule doesn’t exactly jive with your schedule. There’s good news: If you’ve got a chair and a small workout ball, you can jump on the thigh-thinning workout in your own home. (via Skinny Mom)

3. Lower Ab Trifecta: This equipment optional (bench and weights) workout is one that calls out an area of the body that most of us aren’t too fond of. Whether you call it the pouch, the fupa, or simply gut, you’ll soon be able to call it its rightful name, lower abs of steal. (via Lean it Up)

4. Molly Sims Approved: Will we take workout advice from a supermodel? Why, yes. We think we will. Molly Sims gets it. You have excuses: It’s cold outside, you have errands to run, you’d rather be drinking a margarita. But she doesn’t think that’s any excuse for flabby arms. She designed these moves to be done in hotel rooms, offices, even at the bar if you really have to have that margarita. (via Molly Sims)

5. Couch Potato Fitness: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Game of Thrones, the Sochi Winter Olympics, and House of Cards – you’ve got a lot of TV watching to do in 2014. Thanks to PopSugar’s routine, you can be one tight, crispy couch potato. (via PopSugar)

6. Calorie Torching 20 Minutes: Yes, what you’re looking at is a dreaded burpee. This CrossFit-inspired workout is going to hurt. Bad. The good news? It’s over in a quick 20 minutes. So grin it. Bear it. And rip that proverbial bandage off already. (via Skinny Mom)

7. Wake Up Weights: Get this. There is evidence that resistance training might actually slow the aging process. Before you go to bed, lay out your yoga mat and hand weights. Then, rise and shine. It’s anti-aging time. (via Whole Living)

8. The Making of Pepper Potts: We all saw Iron Man 2, right? And by Iron Man 2 we mean Gwyneth Paltrow’s crazy ripped body. GP’s business-partner-pal-trainer, Tracy Anderson, developed the butt-kicking routine, and Miss P is generously giving you sneak peek on her blog. (via Goop)

9. Your Perfect No-Gym Workout: Come on! We had to give at least one nod to a product that changed the home workout forever and for the better. Not only does this routine make use of a fitness ball, hand weights, and a muscle-relieving foam roller, but it’s also kicking it old school with a jump rope. Just be sure all breakables are packed safely away before you start going over the hills to Mexico. (via Health)

10. Great Body Yoga: An obvious choice for the home gym rat, yoga only requires a mat. If you don’t know your downward dog from your cat cow, there’s also a video included. Let’s get it om! (via Clean Cuisine)

11. 10-Minute Starters (Free): Need to add some peer pressure and technology to your routine. Head to the App Store and download Starters. Developed by judo champion/situational designer/Icelandic goddess, Krissa Hjaartar, Starters delivers a new 10-minutes exercise to your phone every morning. When you’ve completed it, a group of pals of your choosing see what you’ve done and send you a round of virtual high fives. Slap!

Got a home routine that works out? Let us know in the comments below!