If there are two things that probably-engaged pop star Miley Cyrus loves, it’s getting small, minimalist tattoos and enjoying a little, erm, pick me up of the herbal variety. Which miggggggght just explain what happened when our girl MC paid Australian tattoo artist Lauren Winzer a visit to grow her tatt collection several days ago.

Winzer is no stranger to inking Miley — she’s already gifted the young star with a baby avocado, as well as a tiny alien, watermelon and eye on her hand — but it seems like this time around, the duo made one teensy, tiny little mistake. No, they didn’t try their hand at 3D printed tattoos, (though we’d be all for it!).

Debuting the new ink on Instagram (because where else are you supposed to show off all of your best life decisions?!), Miley caused quite the stir when she announced that she was now rockin’ “#lilbbjupiter” on the inside of her forearm. As Teen Vogue and puh-lenty of astro-minded followers quickly noticed, that wasn’t exactly true. Although Miley wasn’t wrong to recall that Jupiter does, in fact, have a few rings of its own, this particular ink most definitely appears to be of Saturn.

Miley has since changed the caption to read “stonerasf*ck,” although she did acknowledge the mix-up by sharing this Time article in her defense. As the article points out, “Jupiter does have rings. And so does Uranus and so does Neptune.” Fair point!

There was clearly no love lost between Miley and Lauren, however, nor was Miley put off from tats: In fact, it actually appears that she’s back at it again with the Aussie artist, who ‘grammed these super cute matching wave tats, with — get this — Liam Hemsworth’s sis-in-law, Elsa Pataky (married to Liam’s big bro Chris) just hours ago. Captioned “stoked to do these little matching custom waves @kellyslater drew up for @mileycyrus, @elsapatackyconfidential” and two more girlfriends, Lauren’s photo shows four super cute matching art pieces, albeit on separate varying body parts.

WHOA. We guess this means the family approves? Good for you for getting right back on the horse, Miley!

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(h/t Refinery29 and E!, photos by @mileycyrus, @laurenwinzer and Jemel Countess/Getty)