While they’re the biggest age group on the market right now, millennials are not an easy crowd to please, especially when it comes to shopping. Things need to be cheap but appear expensive, simple yet noticeable and preferably from a brand that’s known but not too known. Easy, right?


While many retail brands have tried and failed to nestle themselves into the millennials market, there are a few top dogs that continue to reign supreme. If you’re wondering what brands those are, Teen Vogue has the answer for you. For the third time, the publication has teamed up with Goldman Sachs’s Apparel and Accessories Global Investment Research Group on a survey that ranks labels based on their popularity with millennials. According to Fashionista, the results are based on five key elements: brand awareness, favorability, word of mouth (both in real life and online), product ownership and consideration of purchasing items from the brand while shopping.

So, without any further aideu, here are the results.

The 20 Places Millenials Love to Shop the Most

1. Forever 21

2. Victoria’s Secret Pink

3. Victoria’s Secret

4. Nike

5. Sephora

6. MAC

7. H&M

8. Converse

9. Urban Outfitters

10. Target

11. EOS

12. Bath and Body Works

13. Sephora Collection

14. Urban Decay

15. Vans

16. Maybelline

17. Louis Vuitton

18. Steve Madden

19. Marc Jacobs

20. Free People

The results seem fairly straightforward. Forever21 is basically a shoe-in for the number one spot considering it’s cheap and on-trend, with locations all over the country. However, the results were not without a few surprises – one being Bath and Body Works. The brand’s nostalgic marketing has apparently paid off. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is also a bit of a wild card considering so many millennials don’t even have a savings account.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Share with us in the comments below.

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