It鈥檚 a fashion blogger鈥檚 world, and we鈥檙e just living in it. We鈥檙e definitely not complaining! In the midst of a never-ending roster of style bloggers, we鈥檙e professing our love for the fashion girls who take a more back-to-basics approach to their daily style. You see, for them, it pays to be minimalist. Think neutrals, architectural silhouettes and Birkenstocks galore. For unlimited sartorial inspo, bookmark these nine minimalist fashion bloggers today!


1. Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads: For chic style on a budget, Thrifts and Threads is where it鈥檚 at. A true Cali girl, Brittany Xavier lives in casual, comfortable pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Personally, we can鈥檛 get enough of her effortless separates, fierce jumpsuits and cool off-the-shoulder tops. (via Thrifts and Threads)


2. Mary Seng of Happily Grey: Mary Seng鈥檚 鈥渦nplanned鈥 style definitely works in her favor. Whether the occasion is Bonnaroo or a day spent running errands, she鈥檚 constantly nailing it in the #ootd department. Her high-waisted flares, accordion maxi skirts and denim overalls are a testament to her style chameleon status. (via Happily Grey)


3. Mija of Creators of Desire: Housed within Creators of Desire, a premium blogger network, is the style diary of Mirjam Flatau. Described as an 鈥渆asy-going Bavarian girl,鈥 Mija swears by wearable everyday staples (think jeans + a t-shirt) and the occasional statement piece (Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, we see ya). Mija鈥檚 keen eye for detail combined with a California-inspired simplicity make her a blogger to watch out for. (via Creators of Desire)


4. Ann Kim of Andy Heart: Sheesh, Ann Kim of Andy Heart sure knows how to make minimalist dressing look like a breeze. This art director and LA-based blogger could wear a paper bag and still be chic. With an easy-going California mentality and an affection for simple, tailored pieces, Ann鈥檚 style is the definition of 鈥渓ess is more.鈥 For a fresh + polished look, she avoids overly saturated trends and makes it a point to keep her accessories to a minimum. (via Andy Heart)


5. Paulien of Polienne: Odds are, you鈥檝e seen snapshots of Paulien popping up all over your Pinterest and Instagram feeds and didn鈥檛 even realize it. This model, blogger and literature student from Antwerp, Belgium has a style that鈥檚 best described as being minimalist chic with a tomboy touch. (We鈥檇 go far as to say that it sometimes even errs on the Parisian side.) Either way, Paulien is a natural beauty with enough sophistication to make anything from athletic sneaks to a printed suit look 鈥渙f-the-moment.鈥 (via Polienne)


6. Michaela of F*** it鈥 Going to New York (FIGTNY): Black, white, gray, REPEAT. This blogger extraordinaire鈥榮 wardrobe revolves around these three neutrals + a whole lot of simplicity. Fresh off the heels of her very own jewelry collection 鈥 Vrai & Oro by FIGTNY 鈥 Michaela knows a thing or two about minimalist dressing. Her relaxed aesthetic and appreciation for simple, clean lines will keep you coming back for more. (via FIGTNY)


7. Carmen Hamilton of The Chronicles of Her: When Carmen鈥檚 not dishing fashion advice over at Vogue Australia or serving as a beauty editor at THE FILE, she鈥檚 the mastermind behind The Chronicles of Her. For easily digestible posts, stunning photography and ah-mazing sartorial tips 鈥 like how to achieve the easiest fail-safe outfit ever or how to master the color navy 鈥 Carmen is your go-to gal. (via The Chronicles of Her)


8. Carola Pojer of Vienna Wedekind: Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Carola Pojer is a triple threat. An award-winning style blogger, actress and photographer, Carola flaunts a simple, effortless, cool-girl style. Besides her knack for pulling off any look 鈥 be it a white blazer and culottes or denim cutoffs and an oversized top 鈥 her collection of lace-up flats are always on point. (via Vienna Wedekind)


9. Ivania Carpio of Love for Aesthetics: While Dutch blogger Ivania Carpio covers areas beyond fashion on her blog (think everything from modern interiors to beauty), you鈥檒l quickly notice a common theme. Everything is white 鈥 Ivania鈥檚 artfully styled outfits included! With the exception of a hint of black or touch of gray, Ivania simply feels most at ease when she鈥檚 wearing head-to-toe, monochromatic white. We don鈥檛 know if we could pull off #allwhiteeveryday, but we certainly commend this fashion tastemaker鈥檚 efforts to do so. (via Love for Aesthetics)

Who is your favorite minimalist fashion blogger? Tell us in the comments below!