With a whole new batch of students heading off to college this fall comes a whole ‘nother group searching for the right job or career path. Millennials may have a bad rap these days, but if you know any hard-working, early 20-somethings (even those too young to understand all of your pop culture references, sigh), you know that’s all wrong. Forget the stale stereotype of recent grads being lazy, impatient and addicted to social media. Collegefeed asked 5,000 of “those crazy kids these days” four simple questions to find out their main motivations and aspirations. The results may surprise you.

Which public figure inspires you most? The two most influential figures are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, both iconic innovators in the tech industry, with mogul Oprah Winfrey coming in third. Although men outnumber women on the list (come on, girls!), there are men and women of all races in this top 30, further proof we have a brighter future ahead.

What is the biggest myth about millennials? You could probably guess the top three. If 84% of the participants knew about these stereotypes, we’re quite certain that employers have heard of them, too. What really matters is how you prove ’em false.

Do millennials have a harder time finding a job than previous generations? 70% of students answer “yes” to this one, and there’s research that backs it up. The most recent job reports show a major decrease in the employment rate of college grads. Whether this is due to the lack of available jobs out there or because grads are being a bit more picky in choosing their career path has yet to be determined. But one thing’s for sure: The current job market is definitely a tough one at all ages.

What is the most important factor when finding a job? Not surprisingly, money is the leading motivator when it comes to landing a paying gig (surely that has something to do with the massive student loans many are taking on), but location and passion were just one point behind.

Because the job market is a tough one, young grads are forced to find their own way. And with all these amazing new tech start-ups and idea incubators popping up, that’s not such a bad thing. Today’s society welcomes entrepreneurs, and every college graduation brings a fresh new batch of potential influencers. If you ask us, that’s pretty exciting.

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(h/t Mashable)