Les Baugh lost both of his arms due to an electrical accident, but thanks to John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), he’s regaining mobility through robotic arms that he can control with his mind. But before he was able to use his arms, Baugh was required to undergo targeted muscle innervation surgery. The procedure rewired the nerves to his brain that once controlled his arms and hands. So in order to move his hands, he just needs to think it.


Baugh went through a series of training session on how to properly control his brand new limbs and, according to APL’s Courtney Moran, Baugh made unbelievably fast improvements and accomplishments within a mere 10 days. Baugh said the entire experience had taken him into a “whole different world.”


Mind-controlled prosthetics just might be come mainstay, and we can’t wait to hear more positive, life-changing events based off this new technology.

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(h/tBusiness Insider)