Listen up tech-loving aficionados! The Parrot Drone has gotten smaller. Welcome, the Minidrone!

Just like its brother, the Minidrone connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth Smart and is packed with tons of features. The Drone can stream and record photos and videos using its built in 720p HD camera, while flying high (and safe). You can pilot this baby simply through touching your screen. Get ready to watch your Minidrone take-off, land, hover, and flip.

Not only is this Drone equipped with AR Freeflight, the application that allows it to fly intuitively, but it also has two ultra light indoor wheels! These wheels allow the Minidrone to roll on the ceiling and floor during mid-flight. Watch out Bro! You may be bigger, but I’ve got wheels!

Get ready to produce the same high quality movies without taking up all of that space in your garage! The Parrot Minidrone’s price and purchasing date is TBA so stay tuned!

We want to know what you’d use your Minidrone for? We’re thinking aerial shot photos and videos of beautiful landscapes. Tell us your ideas in the comments below!