Get Ready for a Major Fashion Collab Between Miss Piggy and Kate Spade
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Get Ready for a Major Fashion Collab Between Miss Piggy and Kate Spade

We’ve always loved Miss Piggy’s style as much as we love Kate Spade. And while we flipped out over the Kate Spade + Minnie Mouse collection, finding out that one of our fave brands is working with one of the industry’s feistiest fashion-fab puppets (or, er, muppets) has put our excitement level right over the top.

“I am the embodiment of the Kate Spade girl right now,” Miss Piggy told E! while spilling the deets around her collab with Kate Spade’s Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd. The sassy swine added, “I have been her muse for years. I’ve always loved Kate Spade. I’m quick, I’m smart and I’m strong. Just like Kate Spade. We are synonymous. The Kate Spade girl and moi? Same thing.”

The holiday collection will include one-of-a-kind designs that all get a nod of approval from Piggy herself. “I love everything in my collection. I’m a shoe girl; I’m a dress girl. I have everything, [and my collection] is bold, it’s strong, it’s pink, it’s polka dots, it’s fun. All of these things are things Kate Spade does well. So it works.” It definitely works.

Including both clothes and accessories, the items will range in the area of $50-$375 and will be available both in stores and online December 1.

Check out more from the collection below…

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(h/t E!; photos via Kate Spade)