Get ready for the latest (and dare we say greatest?) when it comes to absolutely adorable must-have accessories for your phone and laptop. Kate Spade has teamed up with Disney to design Minnie Mouse-inspired tech accessories that any and every trendy cutie tech-lover will HAVE to have.

kate spade new york for minnie mouse

“Let’s talk tech. While we love the beauty of a handwritten letter (especially an impromptu love note), we can’t help but keep our cell phones, laptops and iPads within close reach,” Kate Spade’s website explains. “Our designers kept this very thought in mind when they created our latest collection of whimsical cases. The mix of playful patterns, cheeky idioms and bright hues keep your digital devices safely covered with a spark of colorful personality.” We’re so into it!

kate spade new york for minnie mouse

With the retro look of classic Minnie and old-school comics, these accessories are a perfect mix of vintage pop-culture and modern tech needs.

The various iPhone and laptop cases range from $50 to $75, and they’re each emblazoned with the Kate Spade New York logo. So if the Minnie Mouse ears don’t impress your friends (although how could you NOT love the ears?!), than maybe the designer’s name will.

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(photos via Kate Spade)