So, you’re planning for the arrival of your little one and getting the house baby ready. But let’s be real: While you’re all about necessities, you don’t want your stylish house turned into a jungle gym. So where does that leave you? Since we were kids, baby-friendly furniture has come a long way, which we think we proved with our 25 creative and beautiful nursery design ideas. (And if you’re still looking for a high chair, take a peek at these super cool picks!) But let’s not get ahead of us, what you first need is a rocker. We rounded up our favorite modern chairs that will help you rock at being a first-time parent, without sacrificing your style.

1. Brendan Gallagher Rocker: With its walnut finish, mesh lining and low seating, this sleek rocker almost has a mid-century feel. (via Brendan Gallagher)

2. GT Rocker ($1,150): If you love retro, then this ’70s statement piece is perfect for your nursery or living room.

3. Dock Rocker ($135): Nothing says modern like this ultra-hip black curved rocker. With seamless lines and no harsh edges, it’s simple, yet bold.

4. Modern French Rocking Chair (Call for pricing): Could this worn leather look be any more boho chic? Mounted on a steel frame, you’ll be the coolest parent rocking your little one to sleep.

5. Skeleton Rocker: We couldn’t describe it better than its name already does. This modern, linear rocking chair is definitely for those searching for pieces that are one-of-a-kind, if not necessarily comfortable. But hey, if you’re cool with adding a chic throw pillow and making it work, then go for it. (via Marvel Building)

6. Dim Sum Rocking Chair: Two words: How. Fun!? With an oversized seat and super bold color, this rocker is so inviting you’ll want to take it home even if you’re not a soon-to-be parent. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in this chair? (via Marvel Building)

7. Buttercup Rocking Chair ($899): Cheer up, buttercup. We want you to get excited about your baby furniture, so we found this fab rocker constructed from bent plywood with a wood-grain finish that makes it even more perfect. (We didn’t think that was possible.)

8. Bangulella Rocking Chair: Um, can we say cool beans?! Yes, this space-age rocker might just be the coolest one yet. Similar to Fritz Hansen’s famous Egg chair, this takes modern to a whole new level. (via Molinelli Design)

9. Mid-Century Rocker Chair ($289): Mid-century-inspired furniture will never go out of style and this rocking chair is no exception. It’s classic but still edgy enough to make a statement.

10. Ryder Rocking Chair ($699): With a delicate frame and upholstered cushion, the Ryder chair is super chic and will make any room in your home look ultra smart!

Which trendsetting rocking chair will you rock your little one to sleep in? Let us know in the comments below!