Just because you’re decorating for a little one doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style points. In fact, the nursery is a great place to get super creative with a relatively small space. Whether you’re creating bunting on the wall, making your own mobile, or filling the room with cute photos of baby animals, the possibilities for a well-designed nursery are surprisingly endless. Here are 25 ideas to inspire your own interior design creativity.

1. Blush and Grey: If you think whimsical and chic don’t go together, think again. From origami rabbit “trophies” to triangle stamped walls, each detail in this nursery is just precious. (via Spearmint Baby)

2. Grey and Coral Nursery: Red and coral accents give this grey nursery an ultra modern vibe. That birch tree wallpaper would look dashing in nearly any room. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Black and White: A mostly white room lets playful black patterns pop. We don’t know what’s cuter: the striped cloud wall hanging or the pine tree sheets. (via Forever Love)

4. Triangle Walls: Boldly patterned walls and rugs make this nursery come alive. That rosy cheeked cloud pillow sure looks happy to call this place home! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

5. Abstract Art: Usually kids outgrow pretty much everything in their nurseries. But an amazing abstract painting like this can easily become a family heirloom for generations to come. (via Babyology)

6. Silver and Turquoise: Bright turquoise brings nothing but cheer to this metallic room. The mobile and window garland provide great DIY inspiration. (via Spearmint Baby)

7. Mismatched ABCs: We love the hodgepodge nature of this ABC wall art. If thrifting for all 26 letters seems overwhelming, try starting with your newborn’s initials. (via Life as a Thrifter)

8. Peach Damask: Pamper your prince or princess in this luxe nursery. Beautiful damask curtains and a glass chandelier give it an even more regal feel. (via BELLE VIVIR)

9. Clean and Classic: A neutral color palette makes this nursery feel clean and sophisticated. Dark wood accents and gold trim add a classic touch. (via Indianapolux)

10. Modern Nursery: The mix of colors and shapes make this nursery super playful. Plus it’s a great way to dress up the basics, like this wooden crib. (via Spearmint Baby)

11. Blue Accent Wall: We’re dazzled by this wall made of navy patterned panels. Gold and coral accents make this nursery feel calm and dreamy. (via Spearmint Baby)

12. Baby Blue Nursery: Soothing robin’s egg blue is a classic nursery color choice. Those wallpaper animal portraits are absolutely wild! (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Yellow Stripes: We love the bold simplicity of this yellow striped room. Plush toys and a fur rug make it feel inviting. (via Buy Modern Baby)

14. Neutral Nursery: If color’s just not your thing, this neutral nursery is sure to excite. Sleepy mint and grey make this a truly tranquil space. Plus how amazing is that sheep rocker? (via Babiekins Magazine)

15. Eclectic Nursery: This eclectic nursery shows some amazing space saving solutions. A darling hanging crib and wall-mounted changing station make this set up great for close quarters. (via The Boo and the Boy)

16. Brown and Beige Nursery: We’re loving the non-traditional color palettes of most of these nurseries, and this room is no exception. Brown, jean, and teal may be just the right combo for your little man. (via DecoPeques)

17. Solar System Wall: This nursery is out of this world! If we’re this enamored by the planetary wall, then the lucky tyke is sure to love it. (via Lemon Drop Life)

18. Floral Wallpaper: New school design collides with old school wallpaper in this magnificent nursery. Light wood and modern shaped furniture make this room feel airy. (via Miluccia)

19. Whimsical Wall Decals: Don’t want to put holes in your walls to decorate your nursery? Use this cheery room’s wall decals and pennant garland as inspiration, or even try framing photos with washi tape! (via 101 Woonideeën)

20. Double Cribs: Need room for two? These totally mobile oval cribs will give your twins a 360 degree sensory experience from day one. (via BELLE VIVIR)

21. Bird Wallpaper: Dreams are sure to be sweet with this whimsical wallpaper design. The artsy drawing of mom and pop above the crib is too cute. (via Kitty Genius)

22. Zig Zag Rug: We’ve seen a lot of statement walls, but what about statement rugs? This one combines a cool zig zag pattern that mellows out the nursery’s playful safari theme. (via Lay Baby Lay)

23. Alice in Wonderland Nursery: There’s no better way to spark your baby’s imagination than by introducing him or her to curious characters like Alice and the White Rabbit. The circular crib and monogrammed pillow keep things classy in wonderland. (via Piccoli Elfi)

24. Chalkboard Paint Nursery: With the days of drawing on walls soon approaching, prep from the get-go by using chalkboard paint in your nursery. Genius! (via BELLE VIVIR)

25. White and Natural Wood Nursery: This may be our favorite nursery of the bunch. A posh palette of white and grey makes a beautiful background for the gorgeous wooden crib to shine. (via Piccoli Elfi)

Which of these nursery designs is your favorite? Does your nursery rival the beauty of these rooms? Talk to us in the comments below!