In 2013 we were blown away by the galaxy trend, but its now 2014 and we have a feeling that the newest trend is a little closer to home. The moon. We were blown away by all of the awesome lunar finds and couldn’t wait to do a roundup!

1. One Small Stoop Floor Mat ($25): Make a stellar landing with this lunar door mat. Aspiring astronaut or not, your guests will be in awe of craters on this baby.

2. Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro ($74): Get ready to have the whole universe at your fingertips. Star Theatre Pro turns your ceiling into the Milky Way Galaxy.

3. Moon watch ($95): Not all of us can be astronauts but that doesn’t mean that the moon’s fascinating surface should remain a spaceship ride away! With this watch you can put the moon on the wo-man.

4. DIY | kuukello: This DIY Moon clock is out of this world! We were blown away that its only 3 basic materials and 2 steps to make. (via Bambula)

5. DIY Moon Phase Tights: Here at Brit + Co. we are all about pattern tights! We loved this lunar inspired DIY tights. (via juDIYth)

6. TIE DYE GYPSY TROUSER ($128): These pants are like MC Hammer meets Neil Armstrong. The Dark tie dye pattern makes it easy to dress up for night time or lounge around in during the day.

7. Stun, Moon, and Stars Skirt ($48): We are all about this celestial printed skirt, and what blows us away is that it’s handmade!

8. Blackstone Smiling Moon Crop Tee ($44): This baggy crop tee is perfect piece for any wardrobe. Pair it with something solid or you’ll be sent back to Mars.

9. The Man and the Moon Men’s Tee ($28): This tee is sure to turn your dude into a legendary man here on planet earth. We love the airbrush effect on this number.

10. Dark Side of the Room Lamp ($38): Are you ready to dress your walls with home decor that’s truly out of this world? Eclipse the other pieces in your space with this lunar lamp!

11. Phase and Night Coaster Set ($20): Check this out! With these coasters your guests can enjoy the wonders of the night sky without leaving your apartment.

12. Magical Thinking Moon Globe ($44): This globe is perfect for all of you lunar nerds. What we loved was that it even features the names of each lunar crater.

13. To the Moon Pillow ($18): This may be ironic, since the pillow is referencing the moon, but we are digging all the earth tones!

14. Eclipse Moon Cuff ($118): This lunar cuff will look ethereal paired with other gold and silver bangles.

15. Moon Earrings ($68): These simple bronze crescent earrings are a great piece to have in your earring collection. They will look flawless paired with any outfit.

16. Moon Inspired Breast Plate Necklace ($108): The combination of metal and leather make this lunar piece one of a kind. We love that it’s boho-chic.

17. Moon Body Chain ($438): Woah! $438 is a bit of a splurge, but this piece shows us that it has the power to turn a basic tank-top into runway ready.

18. Half Moon Geo Necklace ($20): We love this delicate combination of gold and silver. We are adding this to our list of favorite geo jewelry.

19. Globe earrings in black sparkles ($20): How amazing would it be if moon rocks were this dazzling?

20. Moons of Jupiter Shower Curtain ($54): Are you sick and tired of our moon? We’ll don’t worry, head on over Jupiter where they have 64! Or just show your respect for your new favorite planet with this awesome shower curtain.

21. Moon Bath Light ($12): Get out of this galaxy! This moon-shaped orb can float in your bath tub. This would create the most super relaxing bath-time ambience.

22. Love Under The Stars Duvet Cover ($150): Not only do we think this graphic is stunning, but we can’t get over how perfect the name is! Love under the stars= check yes!

23. Full Moon Wall Sticker ($58): Who knew that a moon sticker could look so chic. We definitely recommend pasting this sticker against a warm grey background.

24. Dream Away: This moon crib would be the perfect DIY for your little one. We love the little star cut outs. (via Welke)

25. GRAFF Luna Facuet ($3,000): Now this is definitely the most expensive find on our list, but if this was your faucet you would be the talk of the town! We can’t get over how sleek this piece is!

26. La Lune Screenprint ($82): Screen prints are always a fun piece to jazz up your decor. We love how textured this piece comes across.

27. Constellation Runner: This DIY table runner is definitely one for you DIY pros, but once you’re finished it will look stunning! How great does it look with cooper plate! Superb! (via Design Sponge)

28. Moon Trompe L’Oeil Floor Mat ($174): If the orbital rug was too much for your fancy. We’ve got another lunar rug that is out of this world. The moon just looks so majestic against a black background.

And now for the other moons that we love!

29. Sailor Moon Lipstick ($18): We couldn’t do a moon roundup without including Sailor Moon! We had to include where you can find a lipstick that is inspired by your favorite Japanese cartoon character from the ‘90s.

30. Cheddar and Blue Moon Cornbread: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget your favorite color moon either — Blue Moon. Beer as an ingredient for corn bread?! This is a revelation! (via Kitchentreaty)

Will you replace your galaxy obsession with one that revolves around our moon? Tell us in the comments below!