The little tots born in 2014 are going to grow up with a lot of Charlottes in their class. And the babes of 2015 will know their fair share of Emmas. But for the kids of 2016 there is another name that鈥檚 reigning supreme. And it just so happens to be the same name as one of our favorite TV characters. According to Nameberry, the baby girl name that鈥檚 dominating the ranks this year is 鈥 wait for it 鈥 Olivia.


Nameberry writes, 鈥淥livia replaces Charlotte, the girls鈥 top name for 2015, which slips to number three. Amelia, Ava and Isla round out the girls鈥 top five. Five new girls鈥 names ascend to the top 10 in 2016: Arabella, Aurora, Adeline, Isabella and Mia.鈥 This might be a result of our not-so-subtle obsession with all things Shonda Rhimes and vintage baby names, but either way, we鈥檙e totally down for more Olivias in the world.

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(Photo via ABC)