Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t made brunch reservations (here are some recipes if you plan on making Mother’s Day at home) or planned a creative Mother’s Day date, consider this your reminder. To show the woman who raised you some serious love, there’s no better way than with some sweet, sweet tech gadgets. We’ve gathered the ultimate list of techie toys that we guarantee Mom will absolutely love — no matter what your budget might be (check here for non-tech gift ideas for under $40). Cheers to moms everywhere!



1. Eve Room ($80): The Eve Room is a wireless indoor sensor that tracks temperature, humidity, air quality and other home stats. It’ll give Mom peace of mind whether she’s at home or not with easy app access on her smartphone.


2. Back Me Up! Mobile Charger ($30): This quirky little mobile charger packs some extra juice for when Mom is on the go and her battery is running low. The external battery charges up via USB and comes in five colorful designs. Pick the one that matches Mom’s personality!


3. Brit + Co Wooden Tablet Kit ($19): Our DIYable Wooden Tablet Kit will help the crafty, creative mom make the most gorgeously rustic tablet stand ever. Talk about form AND function!


4. Dom Streatter x OtterBox Case ($40): If Mom is a Project Runway fan, she might be keen to know that Project Runway: All Stars season five contestant Dom Streater’s won a collab with smartphone case makers OtterBox in a print-designing challenge. The gorg cases have finally arrived — and just in time for Mother’s Day!


5. Headspace Meditation App ($8/month for a year): Give Mom the gift of clarity with a year’s subscription to the Headspace meditation app. The app is so popular, even Sophia Bush is a fan.


6. Brit + Co Coding Class ($39): Challenge Mom with a coding class so that she can build her own website! Make it a family activity and take the course together. Your family’s Christmas newsletter will be out-of-this-world.

7. Kate Spade Camera iPhone 6/6S Case ($45): Does Mom use her iPhone as her camera pretty much exclusively? This adorable Kate Spade iPhone 6/6S case is exactly the phone protection she needs.


8. Chatbooks Photo Book ($8): Whether mom has her own Insta or you want to share pics from your personal account, Chatbooks is a great way to take your beautiful family pics and publish them in a nifty little book. Plus, at $8 a pop, you could make a whole series!


9. Hidratespark Smart Water Bottle ($45): Hidratespark is the water bottle that wants to make sure Mom is getting her H2O. It’s the perfect companion for any active mom, plus it comes with an app that monitors water consumption throughout the day. Not to mention, it’s probably the prettiest water bottle on the market.


10. Nexus Live Case ($35): Make it personal by customizing a case with your own pics for Mom’s Nexus phone case. Each case comes with an awesome matching live wallpaper, so her phone will be super spiffy.



1. Moshi Helios Lite Laptop Backpack ($119): This gorgeous Moshi backpack will be Mom’s go-to laptop travel bag. It comes with SO MANY pockets, which makes it great for stashing wallets, cords, passports, chapsticks and whatever else she keeps in her bag. It has a large easy-to-access laptop sleeve that will make going through security a total breeze.


2. Zagg Now Cam ($139): For the mom who wants to live in the moment, the Zagg cam is a must. The little camera records video and audio that can be easily uploaded to devices via WiFi.


3. Roku 4 ($130): There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with the gift of video streaming. A Roku 4 Streaming Player puts Netflix, Amazon Prime and more at Mom’s fingertips so she can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


4. UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker ($100): This eye-catching device is a Bluetooth speaker — and it packs some serious audio to boot. At around $100, this speaker isn’t just stunning and portable, it’s a bargain too.


5. Fitbit Alta ($130): The Fitbit Alta is one of the sleekest, prettiest fitness trackers on the market. Mom will love the ability to switch out colorful and sweat-resistant elastomer bands for chic leather and metal options.


6. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera ($100): Let Mom create memories with the handy dandy Polaroid Snap cam. The camera has an SD card that can store images, but at a push of a button, the camera will print out images too, just like the Polaroid cams of yore.


7. Sphero App-Enabled BB-8 ($120): Okay, okay, the Sphero BB-8 toy doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than being fun. This little droid can be controlled with an accompanying smartphone app. The force is strong with this one.


8. Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Phone Crossbody ($145): This stunning Rebecca Minkoff phone crossbody has room for Mom’s phone and a couple pieces of plastic. It’s THE perfect accessory for running errands.


9. Apple Pencil ($100): The Apple Pencil is the perfect gift to go with Mom’s iPad. It’s so much more than a stylus — this powerful gadget has such precision, “it can touch a single pixel.”


10. BoomStick ($99): Audiophile moms everywhere are going to love the BoomStick. This device will turn any ordinary set of headphones into crystalline clear, music bumpin’ machines. It even works in the car!



1. ASUS ZenWatch 2 ($150): THE smartwatch for Mom this year isn’t the Apple Watch, but the ASUS ZenWatch 2. This wallet-friendlier smartwatch comes jam-packed with features like health monitoring, smartphone notifications and downloadable faces for customization. Plus, Google just released a variety of gorgeous MODE snap-and-swatch watch bands to up Mom’s wrist game.


2. RADEN Carry-On Smart Suitcase ($295): The traveling mom will truly adore the new RADEN smart suitcase. Sure, $295 is a lot to spend on a carry-on, but the suitcase is made of highly durable material (trust us, there’s a video of a person jumping on it here), and it even communicates with an app to let you know if your suitcase is overweight.


3. GOQii Fitness Tracker + Personal Coach ($29/month): The GOQii personal coach will give Mom the extra boost she needs to stay on top of that New Year’s resolution (thought everyone’s forgotten about that, huh?). A subscription will give her one-on-one video coaching plus a free fitness tracker that will help her and her coach monitor her workouts.


4. Ringly Aries Bracelet ($195): Hands down the prettiest wearable to be released in 2016, the Ringly Aries Bracelet will help Mom put her phone away from time to time. Decked out in a gorgeous semi-precious stone of your choice, the bracelet lights up with different colors depending on whether she’s getting a call, text or Facebook notification. Plus, Ringly has incorporated step-tracking into their new wearable jewelry.


5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ($60/month): Is Mom’s phone looking like it needs an upgrade? The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a gorgeous new release that we’re certain she won’t be able to stop oohing and ahhing over. The AMOLED screen is 5.5-inches, but fits comfortably in hand. And she’ll love that 12 mexapixel camera too!


6. Kate Spade x Everpurse Wristlet ($198): The Kate Spade x Everpurse wristlet is yet another perfect marriage of fashion and tech. Not only will this stylish wristlet hold everything Mom needs, there’s even a slot for her to plug-in and charge her iPhone. Genius!


7. Bonavita Eight-Cup Coffee Brewer ($180): If your mom loves waking up to a delicious cup of joe, look no further than the Bonavita Eight-Cup Coffee Brewer. This German-engineered coffee maker with a glass carafe makes one of the best cups of coffee EVER, so prepare yourself for a lot of thank yous and kisses.


8. Letterpress at Home Kit ($219): Let mom flex her creative muscle with this at-home letterpress kit. Gift her the accompanying e-class with Eunice Moyle of Hello!Lucky to make her a total letterpress pro.


9. Amazon Echo ($180): Show Mom how grateful you are for all she does with the Amazon Echo. This gadget is basically like the digital assistant mom needs — it syncs up to music apps like Spotify, reads audiobooks, controls thermostats, tracks weather and so much more. The best part is that it’s completely voice-controlled.


10. Alcatel TCL XESS Tablet ($499): The Alcatel tablet is probably one of the biggest tablets you’ll ever see — it’s got a whopping 17.3-inch full HD display. It gives Mom easy access to her calendar, the web and a library of recipes. It also streams video and has app-access. It’s pretty much a hub for the entire home.

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