Last time we spoke to Sophia Bush, she gave us nine of her best life and beauty hacks. This time, she’s serving up some more helpful skincare advice on how to put on your best face. Yes, yes — we’ve all heard how important it is to thoroughly wash your face every night before bed — but the actress reveals that another of her secrets to #flawless skin actually lies in an unexpected, surprisingly dirty place.

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“Everything starts with taking good care of your skin. I like not really having to do a lot. I work so many hours a week on [Chicago PD] and you’ve constantly got somebody doing your makeup or touching up this or touching up that. But on the show now, I wear so little makeup that it’s really important for my own self-confidence to feel like my skin is in good shape,” she tells us.

Her dirty little secret? “One of the important things is making sure you clean your brushes,” Sophia, a total eco-friendly queen, shares. “For me, being environmentally conscious of the brushes that I choose, I also try to do that with the products that I use,” she tells us. “I use a really gentle, biodegradable body soap and I pour a cup out with a little bit of warm water and it makes a perfect little soap suds mixture — that’s how I clean my brushes.”

And you should definitely do it regularly, because bacteria buildup can happen quickly. “I try to do it every Sunday, to give them a little wash and let them dry overnight. That tends to be a great way to make sure all the things going on your face are tip top,” Sophia says with a laugh.

“All women in the world want to feel confident, want to feel powerful. The fact is, we feel our best when that confidence starts from within. You know the difference between when you get up on a Saturday and roll out of your house in yesterday’s sweatpants or you put yourself together, even for five minutes, and you wear something that makes you feel good,” she says. “You start your day with that kind of energy and putting your best foot forward. It’s important to remind women that they deserve to feel that kind of confidence.”

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In honor of International Women’s Day, the Chicago PD star teamed up with green makeup brush company, EcoTools, for the second year in a row for their #MyTrueBeauty campaign, which aims to help the 50 million girls around the world who don’t have access to secondary school education. “We support women in 95 countries including the United States,” Sophia tells us. “For me, I love the fact that you can be working globally both abroad and at home. I want every woman on earth to have wonderful opportunities to better her life.”

We loved Sophia’s quote so much, that we turned it into a pretty graphic! Save and share it on your social platform of choice — for every message about women’s empowerment shared on social media using #MyTrueBeauty and tagging @ecotools, EcoTools will donate $1 to The Girl Project, up to $100,000.

After all, doing good begins with feeling good. And feeling good? That begins with looking good ;)

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