This Mother’s Day we’re taking a break from prepackaged celebrations and giving a nod to our noodle necklace days. From homemade gifts of embroidered scarves and pretty DIY flower coasters to creative mother-daughter dates, we’re showing mom we’ve still got what it takes for a spot on the fridge. This year, we’re going beyond a sweet Mother’s Day card. Read on for eight out-of-the-box date ideas to show your appreciation for the incredible woman who brought you into this world.


1. DIY a luxurious spa day. Bring the pampering to her with these home spa ideas. She won’t even have to leave the house to enjoy spending time with you while getting gorgeous skin — and as many mimosas as she wants.


2. Pack a basket lunch and head outdoors. For those moms who are blessed with great health, take advantage of the spring weather and head for the hills, or whatever landscape you’ve got nearby. Use these picnic-inspired recipes to help plan a delicious outing.

3. Be day trippers together. This one might take some digging, but most likely there’s a destination nearby that neither of you have explored. Up the ante by ditching electronics, pulling out your neglected backseat map and getting lost for the day.


4. Find her favorite live tunes. Whether it’s a Broadway show or a local bluegrass band, take the celebration into the evening with the music of her choice. Since not all moms are the kind to have tea and chit chat, finding activities like this can make for more meaningful bonding.

5. Check out a brewery or vineyard. Everyone has her own drink of choice, so decide whether your mom wants hers made with hops or grapes, then start tasting. For some suggestions, check out these must-visit breweries in the US.


6. Be inspired by Bob Ross. You or your siblings may have fought with mom when you were growing up, but sharing the time you have together now is what’s important. Painting classes are popping up all over the country, so find one in your area and discover your inner artists together. Pro tip: Trade your paintings at the end — Moms will forever cherish your creations.

7. Finally plant that garden together. Gone are the days of your mom nagging you to help with the dishes, but she’ll still appreciate your initiative with housework. Most likely she has a project or two she just hasn’t gotten around to, so roll up your sleeves and help her finish it. Wine is optional, depending on whether power tools or siblings are involved.

8. Make a long-distance video date. As much as we’d all love to spend Mother’s Day with our lovely moms, not everyone has the opportunity. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime! Whether you’re caught up with work or halfway around the world, take some time for a virtual mother-daughter date — it really will make her day special.

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