Millennials too often feel the brunt of bullying from older generations. They鈥檙e shamed on social media over their financial or real estate difficulties (thanks, Boomers!), and are too often written off as lazy and unmotivated 鈥 even though studies clearly show otherwise.

As millennials age into full-on adults and Generation Z (those born after 1995) ease into their rite of passage of being the latest generational punching bag (just wait, Gen Z鈥檈rs!), there鈥檚 another new term to bridge the overlap in the age groups: Say hello to GenZennials.

鈥淲e鈥檙e replacing two massive demographics defined by birth year with a smaller, narrower audience defined by a life stage and common mindset,鈥 says a representative from Ketchum, the PR firm who named this group. Another rep clarified, 鈥淭he coming-of-age GenZennial is united by a number of important firsts, including learning to drive, getting a credit card, buying their first car, going to college, getting their first apartment and starting a full-time job.鈥

Ketchum鈥檚 study, perhaps not surprisingly, amounts to little more than marketing buzzwords, as they work with companies and brands looking to more effectively reach a more defined demographic. So while they flatteringly describe this group as 鈥渄iverse in culture and thought, interdependent by nature and inherent do-gooders,鈥 they follow that up with the sorta icky-sounding (if not true), 鈥淭hey are also the next generation of shoppers.鈥

Buzzwords aside, we happen to know that young people are doing amazing things to pave the way to a better future for everyone. So hey, GenZennials? You can sit with us.

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(h/tYahoo! Finance, photos via Getty)