In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s actually met a working millennial and not just scoffed at an entire generation in an icky stereotypical rant, a study has now actually proven what we all know: Millennials are NOT lazy. And beyond that, we’re actually a generation of peeps who are TOTALLY motivated. Duh, right?!

Group of young people sitting, holding electronic gadgets

While the groaning that millennials (aka people who are currently in their 20s and 30s) have it easier than past generations — which is not true and is, in fact, actually the opposite — and lack any type of gumption is getting tiresomely common (for real, groan-y peeps, give it a rest!), a study by Buzz Marketing group has proven the opposite.

Polling 1623 millennials, the results found that, “even though they have a great passion for starting their own businesses, there weren’t many resources available,” according to Venture Burn. There you go! The motivation is there, it’s the resources that are sorely lacking.


But don’t fret, because these daunting circumstances are NOT stopping young folks. “Millennials continued to conquer their difficulties,” Venture Burn notes, pointing out that this generation has a much higher rate of starting their own companies and venturing out on their own biz-wise.

Millennials are also changing the rigidities of past business practices by embracing (and promoting) a healthier work/life balance including flexible work hours, better benefits and a more social environment at the office. Bentley University director of Entrepreneurial Studies Fred Tuffile explains, “They’ve watched their relatives get fired and their peers sit in cubicles and they think ‘there has to be a better way.’”

Bottom line: What others perceive as laziness is actually a generation facing major hardships and STILL changing the work world. Way to rock your sitch, millennials!

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(h/t Venture Burn; photos via Getty)