So much for the ‘70s revival trend. The most famous looks from a different decade took over the blue carpet at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, and it’s making us want to leave our tousled braids and flower child face paint at Coachella. The blast from the past the stars like Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and more are currently swooning over: ‘60s-inspired beauty looks. From the ultra feminine bouffant to mod lashes and go-go dancer eyeliner, these swingin’ styles felt like the girly pick-me-up our spring hair and makeup routines are missing. So we’re showing you three ways to hack the award show’s biggest hair + makeup trend for all of this season’s biggest events. Scroll through to learn how to DIY these gorgeous retro-tinged looks.

Brittany Snow’s Twiggy Lashes


Piece-y lashes are an ode to ‘60s beauty. Look like a modern day Twiggy with this striking party-ready look. (Photo via Rich Polk/Getty)

Prep: Base Makeup + Silvery Shadow


Apply your base makeup and bright mauve blush on your cheeks. On your lips, go for a pink-orange lipstick. Help your lashes stand out by sweeping a silvery shadow on your eyelids — focusing on placing the pigment close to your lash line to make ’em really pop. Brittany isn’t wearing any eyeliner on her upper or lower lash lines, but remember, it will help to make your lashline look fuller and give the illusion of more voluminous lashes. If you want to keep ’em dramatically piece-y, skip the liner. Or, tightline the inside of your upper lash line only to add that depth.

Step 1: Apply Primer


To really get your eyelashes long, apply a few coats of eyelash primer like MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Mascara ($17). Really take your time to wiggle the wand from the base of your eyelashes all the way to the ends several times, being sure to comb through any clumps that may occur.

Step 2: Apply Lengthening Mascara


Here’s the trick to getting the primer to work in your favor for this look: let it dry. Normally, you want to apply a dark mascara over the primer while it’s still wet so that you have a more natural looking lash. But by letting the primer dry first, your darker mascara will more easily glide over your established lengthened lashes to help them get that pieced out look.


Anna Camp’s Smokey Cat Eye


A cat eye like you’ve never seen before: ficked and smudged for maximum babe-itude. Nail your next date night look with this smokey eye twist. (Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

Prep: Base Makeup + Bright Highlight


Apply your base makeup + add a bump of peachy pink blush on your cheeks and light mauve lip gloss on your pucker. For your eyes, apply a shimmering pearlescent shadow like MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Nylon ($16) to your brow bones and the inside corners of your eyes, but leave that lower lash completely bare of liner for maximum effect.

Step 1: Apply Cat Eye


Normally when you hear “cat eye,” you think liquid liner. Instead, pick up a black eyeliner pencil like MAC Cosmetics Longwear Eye Liner in Black Ice ($20) to apply your cat eye. Sweep liner along your upper lashline and flick it out from the corner of your outer eye towards the end of your eyebrow. But don’t connect the outside flick to the lash line just yet.

Step 2: Smudge With Eyeshadow


Grab an angled eyeshadow brush and use a bold purple eyeshadow like the one on the top row of the POP Beauty Sunshine Pop Palette ($28) to connect the outer flick to the lash line to create your full cat eye. Go over the black eyeliner as you gently wiggle the brush back and forth to create a smudgy effect.

Step 3: Mascara Up


Throw on a couple coats of mascara on those top lashes, but avoid any eyeliner or mascara on your lower lash line to really get this look!


Bouffants Like Rebel Wilson, Victoria Justice + Holland Roden


Add volume to your hair the anti-mermaid way. Ditch your waves for an ultra elegant bouffant that we’re calling the standout wedding guest (or office!) ‘do of the year using zero products. (Photos via Rich Polk/ Michael Buckner/Getty)

Step 1: Backcomb


The trick is to pick up very, very (very) thin sections of hair to gently backcomb. Start at the top middle section of your hair and work around the middle of your head back combing each section in the direction that your hair will fall. Back comb the hair starting at the roots and slowly build until you meet the midshaft of your hair. If you look this awesome you know you’re doing it right!

Step 2: Smooth Down (But Not Too Much)


Now use the same comb to gently smooth the top layer of your hair. Don’t dig the comb into your hair too much — you don’t want to brush out all of the volume.

Step 3: Pull Hair Back


You could style your bouffant any way you please. Just remember that you need to be gentle when pulling your hair back. Pro tip: It helps to reinforce the shape by slightly pushing up on the section of hair that you will be pinning in place to give it more volume. Once you are happy with the placement, pin it in place with bobby pins and gently comb the top layer to make it smooth and even.

Step 4: *Now* You Can Hairspray


Now it is safe to bust out your hairspray! Just give a light spray though, you don’t want to end up with crunchy prom hair!


What red carpet looks are you dying to learn to DIY? Tell us which celebs looks you want to steal in the comments below.