Not only is the holiday season the perfect time for decorating and gift-giving (and wearing ugly sweaters), it’s also the BEST time of year for music. After all, what’s a festive party — or a holiday pop-up shop — without seasonally appropriate tunes?!


While I could make an endless playlist of holiday music for you to enjoy all the way through December, I decided to be a little more selective and curated a top 20 list — broken down by fresh songs and classic standbys — that will kill it at your sure-to-be unforgettable office holiday party. Happy holidays!


  • Pentatonix’s “Hallelujah”: Everyone at your party will be shouting hallelujah after listening to the a cappella group’s version of the song originally sung by Leonard Cohen.
  • Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”: Even if you don’t want to be caught under the mistletoe for a kiss, this song will still get you into the holiday spirit with a purpose.
  • Leona Lewis’ “One More Sleep”: For when you just can’t wait for Christmas morning and want to celebrate that excitement days and weeks in advance, this is the jolly jam for you.


  • Christina Aguilera’s “Christmas Time”: Blast this from the speakers at your holiday party to find out which one of your friends has a diva living inside of them ready to hit high note after high note. There’s always one at every party ;)
  • The Waitress’ “Christmas Wrapping”: You probably forgot about this song, but once the chorus comes on, everyone will be on their feet, bopping their heads to this ‘80s classic. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Which holiday songs are at the top of your party playlist? Share your faves with me on Twitter at @brit!