Ladies, let’s take a moment to talk about the ever-growing celebration of the hustle — society praises people for being busy and encourages this always-on mentality. I am all about the hustle, but am here to tell you it’s not always as easy as it may seem. Through my time as a mother of two and being CEO of Brit + Co, I’ve learned some tricks along the way that help me find calm in the chaos of an always on-the-go lifestyle. I’ve teamed up with Adero, an intelligent organization system, to share how I balance being the CEO of my company and my home.

As a person who always has a million things on her mind, I’m constantly on the search for products that simplify my life. Adero does exactly that by turning my bag into a ‘smart bag’, so all of my important stuff organizes itself. Now I never worry about leaving anything behind. You can do it too: by placing a Smart Tag on your bag and the smaller smart taglets on the things you want to have in it, and the Adero app will help them communicate with each other. Through push notifications, Adero proactively ensures your things are where they need to be when you need them — or worse case — can help you find whatever you (or your kids or partner!) have misplaced. Goodbye, frantic morning searchings for my wallet.


Finding a balance between life at the office and at home has always been important to me. TBH, it’s tough to juggle the demands of running a company with the responsibilities of being a mom of two, a wife, and a friend. That’s why I always try to ensure that I make time to take care of myself because a healthy lifestyle helps me keep up with it all. I workout regularly, eat healthy, sleep well, and try to get yoga or meditation in for a clear mind. Once I have that foundation, I can get through my workday with enough energy to complete most tasks and still get home by 6pm to spend time with my family.

Making lists is how I prioritize my schedule, from PTA and board meetings, to work happy hours and birthdays. It helps me to physically write down a to-do list with pen and paper to feel more organized and at ease.

I’ve also learned over the years that saying “no” to certain things — for example, networking events, meetings where I’m not a key decision maker, and projects that won’t actually move the needle in my business — is the key to finding a healthy balance.


I take advantage of the screen time settings to ensure that I’m not spending more than two hours a day on my phone. Even though I break this rule sometimes (especially on travel days where I’m stuck in a car or airplane), it gives me a baseline goal to work off and that has made a huge difference for me.

I’m also a fan of not checking my email or social media feeds first thing in the morning. Instead, I wait until breakfast time to let the data dump pour in. It means that I get at least an hour of a clear brain as I start my day.

With my background in tech, it’s no surprise that I rely on it in my day-to-day. Adero is the first intelligent organization system built to enable your essentials to keep track of themselves so you never leave them behind.

Long lists of responsibilities, tasks, and the fear of not being prepared can lead to frustration and have a negative impact on your mental state. Forgetting something at home can sometimes put a huge damper on my day. Adero eliminates the time I normally spend looking for my belongings and allows me to focus on the more important things.


Having an organized home helps me feel less stressed about other parts of my life and allows me to relax in peace. As far as how I keep mine organized, I’m a big fan of open shelving and not cabinets. Seeing everything I own ensures that I use each item often and encourages me to keep them looking nice and neat. I also keep lots of baskets and bins handy for keeping things in their place. I use these everywhere from the pantry to the kids’ closets.

Each part of my system is as important as the next, and I’m grateful for every part of my routine that helps me stay balanced. How do you find balance in your life? I am always on the search for more tips and tricks, share them with us, @BritandCo, @Brit, or @MyAdero using the hashtags #IamCreative and #Adero.

Production + Styling: Cassidy Miller

Design: Marisa Kumtong

Photography: Brittany Griffin