According to your dating profile, your interests are probably 鈥済oing on outside adventures and rock climbing,鈥 but let鈥檚 be real here for a minute. Most weeknights you can probably be found binge-watching your favorite shows. I mean, there鈥檚 a reason 鈥Netflix and Chill鈥 has essentially become the tagline of our generation. However, it looks like that saying should really read 鈥淗ulu and Chill,鈥 as a new study聽from recently revealed Netflix has a whopping 61% less TV content聽than its competitor.


Cordcutting.com鈥檚 recent聽survey took a deep dive into what exactly each streaming service offers. They found that Hulu has 3,872 movies and 3,179 TV shows (7,051 titles total), while Netflix offers up 4,393 movies and 1,226 TV shows (5,619 titles total). So if you鈥檝e been scrolling through your Netflix queue and wondering why you can鈥檛 really find anything you want to watch, it could have a little something to do with the fact that Netflix offers 61.4% fewer TV shows than Hulu.

Additionally, found that Hulu subscribers tend to be happier with the content they鈥檙e consuming overall. The average TV show rating on Netflix is 3.73 stars (out of five), while Hulu gets 4.05 stars (also out of five). In the end, Hulu users approve of their content 8.6% more than Netflix users do.聽Welp, it looks like we know where we鈥檙e going to find our next series to watch.

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