Alright, we’re just going to put it out there. If there are college classes on Harry Potter, selfies and Beyoncé, there should definitely be a class on how to become a pro at online dating. The dating process is weird enough, but add technology to it and it quickly becomes even more complicated.

Usually, the process is totally trial and error. Maybe this primary profile pic got you tons of messages, but that snippet in your “about me” section scared some potential dates away. Well, my confused single friends, you’re in luck: has released this pretty infographic that offers a lot of insight into the weird world of online dating.

match dating infographic

One super interesting finding is the surge of brunettes joining the site. Could this mean that blondes meet more partners IRL, or could it be an indication that 2015 was the year ladies went back to darker shades? Another surprising finding was that NYC is the city where the most singletons are looking to have kids. We’re trying as hard as we can not to cringe over the fact that the word “swag” was mentioned 3,800 times in people’s profiles, but the dramatic increase of LGBT members is making us feel a little bit better. It’s a weird world out there, guys. May the force be with you.

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