Here’s a depressing statistic: On average, only one in 10 Americans manages to keep the new year’s resolutions they set for themselves. While most of us wake up on January 1 with a clear vision of the fitness goals, creative aspirations or habit-breaking milestones we’d like to achieve in the coming year, it turns out the odds are against us. What’s an optimist to do?


Well, there’s a huge portion of the population (about half) that’s decided to forgo making resolutions altogether. As for the other half, it turns out the key to success might have something to do with the level of support that surrounds them.


According to a recent survey commissioned by Linkagoal, a goal-based social network, the vast majority of respondents said they felt they could achieve their new year’s goals if they had more time (29 percent), motivation from like-minded individuals (28 percent), support from their significant other (25 percent) or support in general (24 percent). So, if you’ve set a resolution for yourself this year, here’s food for thought: Your chances of sticking to it will likely increase if you use the buddy system to keep yourself on track. And if you’ve got folks around you who are aiming high in 2016, be sure to root them on and let them know you’ve got their back. You never know… it just might be their golden ticket to success. Scroll on for the full infographic to get all the details!

Linkagoal_Goals_Infographic (1)

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(Image via Linkagoal)