By now, the only things left over from the holidays are the pesky bad habits lingering from the year before. Whether it’s overspending, not exercising or indulging in more desserts (or cocktails) than you’d like, once formed, these bad habits can be hard to break — but not impossible, with the right motivation and tools. We’ve handpicked six apps that will help you start a good habit and kick those bad ones into last year.


1. HabitBull: Whether your vice is unhealthy eating, smoking or drinking, HabitBull can smash through them all! By using the gorg interface to track your day-to-day habits and observe negative patterns, you’re bound to replace them with positive behaviors like fitness, meditation or reading.

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2. Gratitude Journal: Drawing on proven principles of positive psychology, this brainy app can help you build a habit of gratitude — a practice that science shows can actually make you a happier person! Every day for at least three weeks, input five things a day in the app to stop focusing on the negatives and start seeing how great your life is now!

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3. Things I Didn’t Buy (TIDB): Still experiencing buyer’s remorse from needless Black Friday purchases? This app will stop overspending in its tracks by letting you capture every item you didn’t need and didn’t buy — along with all the moolah you saved as a result! Talk about money (not) well spent!

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4. Chipolo: Why go to the lost and found yet again when you can ring up Chipolo to find your misplaced handbag, laptop or keys — and ditch the habit of losing things altogether? After attaching the Bluetooth device to your personal items, use your connected iPhone to instantly locate missing devices via sound notifications, temperature sensing and crowdsourced help from the Chipolo network of users.

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5. Way of Life: Can’t take five from work or school to break a bad habit? In only one minute each day, this app can not only help you track and identify destructive habits through a unique color system, but its powerful graphing features, daily reminders and scoreboard can put you on a winning streak of positive behaviors too.

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6. Quit That!: Monitoring the time that’s passed since you broke up with a bad habit or addiction is a simple but powerful way to stay on course with healthy habits. This ad-free app lets you track the days, weeks or years it’s been since you quit that habit. With bad habits banished, you can brag about your progress to the world (or do a silent happy dance to yourself)!

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