Your BFF is pregnant! She’s totally in love with that little kiddo growing inside of her. But she’s gotten her fill of onesies with little duckies on them, bouncy seats, and prenatal massage gift certificates. And your bestie’s also kind of sick of bibs, binkies, and anything else that qualifies as “baby gear.” Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, a holiday, or just a celebration of your friendship, giving a non-baby gift for an occasion that’s supposed to be about her is totally in order. We’ve got a buffet of baby-free gifts that your preggo friend will thank you for.

Two friends laugh over glasses of wine

1. Wine of the Month Club Membership, Classic Series ($37/shipment): She can’t drink alcohol again just yet. But after that baby is out, she’ll want a sip of vino (or a few). This is the gift that keeps on giving. If you think that’s overdoing it, you don’t have to give a monthly wine surprise. There are plenty of wine-related options. Bring a bottle dressed up with a pretty ribbon or send a gift basket.

2. Non-Maternity Clothes: Okay, so you probably don’t want to guesstimate what your friend’s post-preggo weight will be. That makes buying her actual clothes a no-no. Seriously. She’ll be offended if you box up something too big and she’ll be intimidated if you give her something too small. Instead, give the gift of choice. Pick a gift card to any store that does sell clothes, but doesn’t sell maternity clothes or baby anything. In a few months, your friend will thank you when she has a brand-new outfit, minus the spit-up stain.

3. Premium Netflix Subscription ($12/month): No one is saying that your friend will have crazy amounts of time to sit and binge Orange Is the New Black as a new mama. But there’s still time before the baby arrives, and even after that, she’s going to want to catch a glimpse of something that doesn’t involve animated animals at some point. When your friend gets a few moments, her new-mommy self probably won’t feel like getting dressed and going out. A streaming subscription lets her stay in but still take some time for herself.

4. Keurig Programmable Coffee Maker ($80): Your pregnant friend is spending nine months giving up her usual caffeine fix. After the baby arrives, she’ll spend the next nine making up for lost time. Gift her with an easy way to make herself a cup of coffee whenever she wants to. And bonus, it’s programmable — so it will be ready when she really, truly needs it.

A woman soaks her feet during a pedicure

5. Pedicure: Pregnancy makes it kind of impossible to bend at the waist and paint your toenails. Your pregnant friend will totally appreciate someone else pampering her feet right now. Unless you’re a nail artist, you don’t have to give your friend a pedicure yourself, but a gift certificate would work perfectly.

6. Laundry Service: There are plenty of laundry services that offer pick up, wash, and delivery. Finding one in your area is an easy — and amazingly awesome — way to indulge your pregnant friend. She doesn’t even need to use it right away. She can wait until she has the baby (and has no time to wash anything).

7. Bath Products: We’re not talking your typical “new mommy” bundle of stretchmark cream and baby-friendly bath wash. Give your friend something that’s just for her: Champagne-scented body wash, marshmallows and crème body scrub, or some other fragrance that your mommy friend will completely appreciate is definitely in order.

8. No-Baby-Talk Night Out: Now that your friend’s baby belly is showing, that’s all anyone talks to her about. “When is the baby due?” and, “How far along are you now?” are all that she’s hearing — from everyone. Make a plan and take your friend out for an evening of all grown-up talk. No baby questions, baby talk, or anything baby-related allowed.

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