We fancy ourselves gift-giving pros here at Brit + Co (exhibit A: our lauded White Elephant gift guide).聽Since it鈥檚 the season to give and all, we鈥檙e here to help you find awesome gifts for everyone, including your office Secret Santa! Whether it鈥檚 for your work spouse or that new girl you鈥檝e been meaning to get to know, we鈥檝e got the goodies to majorly impress your coworkers without breaking the bank. Check out these 20 gifts under $50 that will make any Secret Santa recipient very, very happy 鈥 all from the B+C Shop!

1.聽2015 Honey Bee Calendar ($18): We鈥檝e yet to meet someone who doesn鈥檛 adore Rifle Paper Co., and your coworkers are probably no exception. Gift this charming calendar to your favorite worker bee :)

2.聽Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($35): Obviously, this is your go-to gift for the office hot sauce fanatic. You know, the one who always whips out a personal bottle of sriracha at lunchtime?

3.聽Monogram Bracelet ($22): The ever popular monogram聽trend is in full force this season, so this bracelet is a fail-proof present. Pair the dainty cuff with its matching earrings for an extra special gift :)

4.聽Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($26): This cutting board gives precise (and we mean PRECISE) measurements to chop veggies julienne, alumette, batonet and beyond. Your foodie colleague is gonna be stoked.

5.聽Telephoto Lens ($20): This pop-on lens magnifies an iPhone鈥檚 camera twice as much, meaning it鈥檚 the perfect present for the office shutterbug.

6.聽Pom Pom Cotton Scarf ($38): This cozy-chic pom pom scarf will make any workplace pal happy as a clam.

7.聽USA Shaped Cutting Board ($48): Gift this gorgeous cutting board to your hostess-with-the-mostest kinda coworker. (Psst: it would also make a great gift for newlyweds!)

8.聽DIY Desk Sound Station ($40): This super easy and eco-friendly DIY will add an instant cool factor to your Secret Santa鈥檚 desk.

9.聽Word Talk Pencils ($8): Punchy office supplies FTW! You can鈥檛 lose with these babies.

10.聽American Pale Ale Beer Brewing Kit聽($45): If your office is anything like ours, this gift will go over really, really well. (Hint: encourage recipient to share his or her home-brewed beer with the team!)

11.聽Soy Glad We鈥檙e Friends Candle ($18): A sweet little punny somethin鈥 to gift your work bestie ;)

12.聽Design*Sponge Cheese Board Kit ($40-$50): One of our most popular Brit Kit Collabs, this DIY kit comes with wood burning tools to customize your very own cheese board. Cool, huh?

13.聽Chevron Hanging Planter ($44): Gift these cute little planters to that colleague with an extra-green thumb. How sweet would these be hanging in someone鈥檚 cubicle?

14.聽Druzy Stone Earrings ($38): Statement studs for a stylish Secret Santa. (Say that five times fast!)

15.聽Classic iStation ($38): An office favorite here at Brit HQ, this iSkelter station is a great solution to desk clutter 鈥 and pretty snazzy-looking, too.

16.聽Wooden City Map Coasters ($36): Got a San-Fran-fanatic in the building? These will make them smile. Neighborwoods also makes similar coasters for Brooklyn, Austin, Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

17.聽Knitting for Beginners Class ($20): Give the gift of mad DIY skills to your Secret Santa鈥 and hope they knit you a hat to say thanks ;)

18.聽Kale-Afornia Recycled Tote ($17): The ultimate farmers鈥 market tote for the ultimate farmers鈥 market frequenter. Or the resident pun enthusiast :)

19.聽Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14): You know that gal who beelines for the espresso machine the minute she walks through the door? This is for her :)

20.聽Macaron Variety Box 鈥 Set of $12 ($30): Because a box of delicious and fancy cookies is ALWAYS a good idea.

What other goodies would make a perfect office Secret Santa gift? Share away in the comments below!