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99 of the Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Ever

Brit + Co never plays around when it comes to holiday parties (or any parties for that matter). But around these parts, ain’t no party like a white elephant party, because a white elephant or Secret Santa party is prime time for ridiculous gifts. From kitschy necklaces to cowhide wrapping paper, we’ve found the ultimate buys for gift swap domination. That’s right — we’re your one-stop shop for the absurd, the unusual and the totally delightful. Read on and prepare for a serious celebration of the random.

Glitter Christmas Light Up Flashing LED Sunglasses White Elephant Gift Idea

1. Glitter Christmas Light Up Flashing LED Sunglasses ($13): What lights up and will instantly turn you into the opposite of the Grinch?

Ylovetoys Horse Head Mask White Elephant Gift

2. Ylovetoys Horse Head Mask ($10): Horse head masks were a big hit at last year’s Brit + Co holiday party (the two pictured here were actually purchased by me… and I ended up taking them home at the end of our white elephant exchange). They also make for a great couples Halloween costume.

Dog Butt Magnets White Elephant Gift Idea

3. Dog Butt Magnets ($15): Magnets, in dog butt form. Why not?

4. Twig Terrariums Boobies! Terrarium ($65): Boobs. Tatas. Bosoms. IN A TERRARIUM.

surprise cat mug gift

5. Surprise Cat Mug ($17): There’s bound to be a cat lady who will make efforts to steal this precious mug.

yoda buddha

6. muckychris Yoda Buddha ($10+): The best white elephant gift, you will have.

7. Mini Cinema Light Box ($20): Bring the good vibes home.

Craftsman Beer Soap Sampler White Elephant Gift

8. Craftsman Beer Soap Sampler ($15): For the beer lovers on your list, give ’em a brand new way to get their hopped up fix.

sloth face tote

9. Sloth Face Tote Bag ($20): What’s cuter than a sloth face on a tote bag?

Archie McPhee Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

10. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder ($34): More horse heads! What?! If you haven’t seen this ridiculous thing going viral, it’s time to get in the know. It’s a squirrel feeder shaped like a horse head, so it looks like the squirrel is a mini-horse when he’s snacking. Amazing.


11. Inflatable Lounger ($27): Love HANGING OUT everywhere you go? Have lungs, will travel.

Stegosaurus Lamp White Elephant Gift

12. Stegosaurus Lamp ($40): Every guest at your white elephant exchange wants to go home with a dinosaur.


13. The Creme Shop Holiday Blending Sponge 3pc Set ($9): Adorable holiday makeup sponges. Yes.

Ice Cube Air Freshener

14. Ice Cube Air Freshener ($6): Keep things chill with this funky air freshener.

Terra Tattoos Metallic Henna Temporary Tats

15. Metallic Temporary Henna Tattoos ($10): Looking to rock a new set of tatts every week? Go temporary and put your best golden finger forward.

campfire cologne

16. Campfire Cologne ($22): You know how your clothes smell after a weekend of camping? Now you can smell like that ALL the time.

tiny hands waffle necklace

17. Tiny Hands Scented Waffle Necklace ($28): Earlobes that smell like waffles are finally possible. (Also comes in various other foods, like donuts, s’mores, and pancakes.)

19. aurespaces Custom Pet Pillow ($39+): Is your pup or cat so narcissistic it only wants to snuggle with itself? There’s a custom pet pillow for that.

boss mug gift

20. The Boss Ceramic Mug ($14): Literally or figuratively, depending on your giftee.

mustache decal

21. StickThat Mustache Decals ($8 for 48): Excuse me, but I mustache you a question.

Nintendo Switch White Elephant Gift

22. Nintendo Switch ($299): If you’re able to be generous enough to gift the Switch at a Secret Santa or white elephant exchange, please invite us. Pleeeeease!

cat butt coasters

23. Kitty Butt Coasters ($12 for four): MEW-ve over, forgettable gifts! This gift is so specific, it will never be forgotten.

face planter

24. Bohemia Goods Face Planter ($14+): Give gratitude to friends and family with the gift that keeps on giving.

avocado pillow

25. LineaLea Avocado Slice Pillow ($40): This avocado body pillow is comin’ in hot, and ready to snuggle.

Fanny Pack Kittens T-Shirt White Elephant Gift Idea

26. The Mountain Fanny Pack Kittens T-Shirt ($19): Kitties AND a fanny pack. All in one shirt!

fried egg rug

27. Fried Egg Rug ($130): When it comes to egg love, we don’t yolk around. P.S. Your dad called, he wants his pun back ;)

Moulin Roty Circus Shadow Puppets

28. Moulin Roty Circus Shadow Puppets ($20): For the impromptu puppet show you’ve always dreamed of.

tipsy elves get light light up sweater

29. Tipsy Elves Get Lit Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater ($70): Shine bright this holiday season with this battery-powered Christmas sweater that will help you literally get lit.

silver lilly pizza sleeping bag

30. Silver Lilly Pizza Sleeping Bag ($30): Your pizza-in-bed dreams can now come true. Don’t forget a matching pillow ($8).

Boy Bye Crosstitch

31. Better Off Thread Shop Beyonce Lyric Embroidery ($25+): Just like Yoncé said.

Nintendo Inspired iPhone Case

32. littlebrickpress Nintendo Inspired iPhone Case ($13+): This is the perfect gift for the gamers in your life.


33. Star Wars Jelly Bean Machine ($29): May the force be jelly bean-flavored.

shark slippers

34. Happy Feet Shark Slippers ($29): Duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn.

bando available for weekends socks

35. Available for Weekends Socks ($10): The perf gift for the weekend warrior in your life.

jelly fish light

36. Jellyfish Bathtub Light ($13): Hey bathtub buddy, thanks for keeping our soaks lit.

adidas originals tropics baseball hat

37. adidas Originals Tropical Baseball Cap ($30): Tropic like it’s hot.


39. BurntGingerbreadYum Set Of 3 Felt Ornaments ($30): These would look pretty darn *sweet* on a Christmas tree.

star wars millenium falcon bottle opener

40. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener & Keychain ($5): What better way to end a long day than with a tasty bottle of brewski opened with a bottle opener from a galaxy far, far away.

41. Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows ($8): We promise, these taste amazing!

periodic elements keychain

42. Nestled Pine Woodworks Periodic Table Element Name Keychain ($13): This has “stocking stuffer for your science-y friend” written all over it.

dancing drake pins

43. Jazzelli Designs Dancing Drake Pins ($20, Set of Three): Hotline blings are an instant win.

Holographic Nail Polish

44. Rose Gold Holographic Nail Polish ($10): Glitter always wins.

45. Tattly Watch Tattoo Set ($15): Style your wrist with these fun faux watches.

yolk separator

46. Kikkerland Cactus Yolk Separator ($9): Something you don’t know you need until you’ve actually used it.

ron swanson poster

47. Ron Swanson Breakfast Poster ($16): This white elephant gift cures every kind of sadness.

bacon & bourbon candle

48. Silver Dollar Candle Co. Bacon & Bourbon Candle ($15): It’s time to bring home the bacon.

WildHearts USA Funny Cat Shirts Tank Top

49. WildHeartsUSA Funny Cat Shirts Tank Top ($16): These tanks are out of control. We would like one right meow.

mariah christmas vinyl

50. Mariah Carey Merry Christmas Vinyl ($23): Throw this classic holiday record on before your white elephant party ends!

pickle gift

51. Pin Up Pickles Cool Dilly Beans ($8): Just imagine being able to say, “Cool beans!” when it’s unwrapped.

just in queso shirt

52. Bow & Drape Just in Queso Striped T-Shirt ($10): Remember the #cheesepocalypse? One year, Velveeta was flying off the racks and causing the first ever Velveeta shortage! Luckily, we’ve always got a backup supply so we can make queso all the live long day.

rainbow neon light gift

53. Rainbow Neon Light ($26): Get lit, stay lit.

faux fur led light up jacket

54. M MAYEVER Soft Faux Fur Led Jacket Light Up Coat ($60): Your holiday party outfit just got a whole lot brighter.

light up bow tie

55. RaveLife Light Up Bow Tie ($18): The perfect thing to pair your light up jacket with? A light-activated bow tie, duhhh.

unicorn cat patch

56. ExtremeLargeness Unicorn Cat Iron On Patch ($4): We love the kitty patches!

Sriracha 2 Go Original Keychain

57. Sriracha 2 Go Original Keychain ($8, for Two): Are you that person always asking for a bottle of Sriracha at the table? We feel you. And so does this new company that’s offering keychain-sized Sriracha bottles just for you! At $4 a pop, these empty keychain bottles (you fill ‘em yourself) seem steep but also terribly handy.

MASH pillow

58. dirtsastudio MASH Game Pillow ($35): The perfect throwback addition to a cozy girls’ night in.


59. Emoji Pillow ($30): The kiss pillow pretty much takes the cake.

im sorry for what i said tshirt

60. I’m Sorry for What I Said When You Tried to Wake Me Up Shirt ($25): We bet you can think of a friend to buy this for in less than 60 seconds.

Urban Outfitters Sloth Pillow White Elephant Gift

61. Urban Outfitters Sloth Pillow ($49): Cuddle up with this furry-bunned sloth!


62. BigMouth Inc Buck German Shepherd Mask ($40): Could the German Shepherd mask be the new creepy horse mask? Only time will tell.

led flashing glow in the dark cocktail shaker

63. D-II Trends Flashing Glow in the Dark Cocktail Shaker ($27): Cue Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” and let’s get this happy hour started.

64. Deal With It Sunglasses ($18): We’re pumped.

vintage milk for summer thirst poster

65. Vintagraph Milk for Summer Thirst Poster ($10): Because nothing quenches thirst like… milk.

newcosplay unicorn onesie

66. NEWCOSPLAY Unicorn Onesie ($28): Perfect for a friend who is unicorn-obsessed, this suit actually looks pretty comfy!

sheamoisture beard conditioning oil

67. SheaMoisture Maracuja & Shea Oils Beard Conditioning Oil ($9): Decorative beards and mustaches are definitely here to stay, so give that guy in your life the products he needs to keep things tidy.

champagne brunch candle

68. AYDRY Champagne Brunch Wooden Wick Candle ($36): Anytime can be a good time for brunch with this champagne-scented candle.

DCI Ax Pizza Cutter

69. DCI Ax Pizza Cutter ($9): Finally, a pizza cutter for the manly man.

JulieAnnArt Light That Sh-t Up Card

70. JulieAnnArt Light That Sh-t Up Card ($5): ‘Nuff said.

71. Stone Cask Shot Flask ($18): This flask has an extra shot glass built right in, in case you feel like sharing.

animal face masks

72. Blulans Animal Shape Face Mask ($9): Treat yo’ self.

73. Gigantic 12-Foot Beach Ball ($96): What? Yes.

74. Transparent Kitchen Safe ($50): Protect your cookies from… people who apparently steal your cookies so often that you need a safe?


75. Star Wars Darth Vader Selk’bag ($109): The dark side beckons and now there’s a sleeping bag for that.

bando forever busy pencil case

76. Get it Together Pencil Pouch ($14): #foreverbusy

worlds smallest rubiks cube

77. World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube ($8): What is this, a Rubik’s Cube for ants?

pinch provisions binge watching kit

78. Pinch Provisions Binge-Watching Survival Kit ($20): We could all use a little support when we’re binge-watching.

Urban Outfitters Llama Desk Duster

79. Llama Desk Duster ($15): Lla-mazing.

i woke up like this pillow

80. SoutherRustCo I Woke Up Like This Pillow ($18): Say it loud, say it proud, say it when you’re sleeping.

poo cookie cutter

81. Mr. Poo Cookie Cutter ($8): Whoever ends up with this white elephant gift is obligated to bring poo cookies to the next one.

lettuce tea towel gift

82. KerrisGaneson Food Pun Tea Towel ($27): Orange you glad you found this gift idea?


83. Sock It To Me Women’s Llama Drama Socks ($12): Me llama es Llama Drama.

MojiPower Avocado Portable Power Bank

84. MojiPower Avocado Portable Power Bank ($28): Avoca-don’t let your phone run out of battery.

85. Casetify Girly Whimsical Cats iPhone Case ($25+): Flying, multi-colored, patterned cats FTW.

Maple Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack

86. Maple Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack ($25): We’ve reached the bacon section of this roundup. First up, bacon + chocolate + lollipops + saltwater taffy = endless noms.

bacon air freshener

87. Accoutrements Bacon Deluxe Air Freshener 2 Pack ($10): Make every room smell like bacon.

Because Bacon t-shirt

89. Crazy Dog Funny T-Shirts Because Bacon ($20): Because bacon.

Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray

90. Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray ($10): Keep your bathroom smelling like a magical animal’s… fruity booty?

BlueQ Marie Antoilette Lavatory Mist

91. BlueQ Marie Antoilette Lavatory Mist ($12): For the ladies, a scent from French royalty.

InGwest Home Morning Coffee Mug

92. InGwest Home Morning Coffee Mug ($15): Perfectly sums up your mood pre-coffee (changes color and mood when heat).

LunarWolfTreats Chocolate Video Game Controller Treats

93. LunarWolfTreats Chocolate Video Game Controller Treats ($9, Set of Three): Remember way back in the day when we made a chocolate iPhone? These are totally our iPhones’ much classier and more official cousins.


94. Flamingo String Lights ($10): Flamingos are festive, no bones about it.

portable pizza pouch

95. PE Generic Portable Pizza Pouch ($9): You never know when you’ll need to carry a slice to-go.

bluetooth banana phone

96. Uncommon Goods Bluetooth Banana Phone ($40): Two words: Banana. Phone. (And it actually works.)

luke's diner mug

97. BethLynnDesigns Like’s Diner Mug ($14): Ideal for Gilmore Girl fans.

cat egg mold

98. Uncommon Goods Cat Egg Mold ($10): Are you kitten me with this egg mold?

99. Sasswear Pink Star Light Up LED Pasties ($30): And finally, the mother of all White Elephant Gifts. Does it get better (read: weirder) than this? Not safe for your work party ;)

Anjelika Temple
As Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner at Brit + Co, Anjelika Temple brings her voracious consumption of all things creative and colorful to DIY projects, geeky gadgetry finds and more. When she's not DIY-ing her heart out, you'll find her throwing dinner parties with friends or adventuring with her husband David, their daughter Anokhi, and their silly dog Turkey.

Alright, folks. We've officially made it to fall. And if you haven't already started switching out your decor (as long as it's ready by Friendsgiving, right?) you still have time to do so. Draw inspiration from this round-up of new home products that includes harvest-inspired candles, cozy linens and textiles, and a v. practical piece of furniture. One scroll through these, and you'll have all the motivation you need to transition the seasons. Scroll on to start shopping.

Prism x LOREM Collection ($96+): Calling all Cali babes. The popular Long Beach boutique, Prism, announced a boho-fabulous collab with home decor line, LOREM, that we can't get enough of. Shop everything from plant hangers (eight options, to be exact) to artwork, all inspired by the very colorful vibes of the brands. If you were looking for a cheery way to tide you through winter, this. is. it!

Floyd Mattress (Price TBD): Fans of the cult-favorite Detroit-based brand will love their latest launch debuting on October 29. The highly-coveted Floyd Mattress will have the same made-to-last design and superior comfort as their other furnishings, tailored perfectly to fit the line's in-demand bed frame. Additional details for the mattress include a breathable foam material, highly-mobile packaging, and a low-profile design to secure your best night's sleep yet. Check back on the last week of the month to get one for yourself.

Dims 'Composed Vanity' ($595): Small space? No problem! Direct-to-consumer brand, Dims, is giving you a quick and stylish solution to your storage needs with their newest item that doubles as both a desk and vanity. The functional piece is made with non-toxic, chemical-free materials and can be assembled in seven minutes or less. Throw in four sleek shades to choose from, and this may just be your best purchase of 2019 yet!

Saatchi Art x The Citizenry Holiday Collection ($225+): Get ready to deck your walls this holiday season. Saatchi Art partnered with The Citizenry in a one-of-a-kind collection that features a curation of art across styles. Explore everything from modern to abstract creations in a selection so stunning, it's bound to spark a conversation at your next gathering.

NEST Spiced Orange & Clove Collection ($16+): If you haven't experienced the addicting aromas of the beloved NEST fragrance brand, this is the perfect time to get on board! The label recently released their latest scent — spiced orange & clove — just in time for all your gatherings. Inhale festive notes of orange pomander, spiced brandy, cinnamon, and gingered honey across their suite of candles and diffusers to bring all the good vibes to your home.

Bloomingdales x RiLEY Home ($19+): RiLEY Home gets millennials. So they teamed up with Bloomingdales to make shopping their selection more attainable than ever. Now, you can get in on long-lasting, luxurious staples like flannel sheets, bedding, printed throws, premium pet beds, and more, by shopping online and in-stores at the department store. (Trust us: These dream goods are ones you're going to be *glad* you stocked-up on.)

Italic Serene Towels ($12+): The luxury brand that prides itself on using the *same* factories namesake brands (like Calvin Klein and Lacoste) use, but without the price tag behind them, brings you a new product for fall. Treat yourself to Italic's ultra-soft towel set spun from fluffy, 100% Australian cotton, in a convenient set of six. Consider it the perfect indulgence after a long soak in the tub on a cozy FNI (Friday night in)!

Hyascent x Neiman Marcus ($169): 'Tis the season for a delightfully scented home. Warm your abode with scents like bourbon joy, cheeky rose and more in a unique diffuser that doubles more as decor than a fragrance-inducer. Fresh off the (online) shelves of Neiman Marcus, explore nine scents that last up to six months in a specialized hourglass holder. (Shhh! Your friends will never know the secret of why your place smells so darn good!)