With the fall season right around the corner, it’s time to start re-evaluating your lip game. In typical cooler-temp fashion, dark and moody colors are absolutely killing it (read: totally dominating the runways and street-style stars alike), and you’ll want to add a bit of dark magic into your beauty routine stat. From the gorgeous vampy lip to matte black hues, there are a ton of looks to choose from if you want to satisfy your inner ’90s grunge girl. For the truly daring at heart, we bring you a standout look that checks all the throwback boxes — oil slick lips, which are making their way onto beauty blogger’s pouts thanks to their shiny, multi-layered effect that can range from sweet pastels to deep shades of navy and charcoal. While it might take a few tries to conquer, the effort is totally worth it. Need a new fall trend to get behind? Here are eight oil slick lips to try ASAP.

1. Blue and Black: Need a new look for GNO? Give this ultra-vampy lip a go the next time you’re going for sultry-meets-girly vibes.

2. Rainbow: Give your pout an extra bit of pizzazz with a rainbow-hued design. Outline your pucker with a hint of concealer to keep this out-of-this-world look in place.

3. Pastel: This Lisa Frank-approved pout is totally a conversation starter. Match it with a rainbow mani for an all-out chic look you can really get behind.

4. Ombre: Step outside your comfort zone by rocking a fierce, dramatic lip. Start from the outside of your lip and work your way in by layering different colors and blending with a small brush.

5. Unicorn: Embrace your inner mythical beast by letting your lips shine bright like a diamond. Keep your peepers bare for a flawless look you can pull off for any daytime occasion.

6. Glitter: Top your oil slick lips with a clear coat of glitter gloss for a more editorial feel. Whether you’re heading to a concert or hanging out with your BFFs, this eye-catching look will amplify the rest of your beauty game.

7. Holographic: Take your lip game to a whole new level by wearing this futuristic, holographic style. Line the inner part of your lips with a blue gloss to add dimension to the effect.

8. Alien Encounter: With Halloween right around the corner, this style is a must-try for holiday shenanigans. Pair it with a fierce cat eye for a super fab style that’s impossible to ignore.

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