We’re absolutely loving this season’s trend of dark, vampy lips. As the weather gets cooler and a bit darker, it’s a perfect way to adjust your bold look and add a bit of luxury to your morning routine. Plus, there’s nothing more empowering than swiping a rich dark color over your lips before heading out the door. But for those of us who aren’t makeup mavens, incorporating deeper hues like burgundy, cherry red, and violet can be a little intimidating. The trick is to temper out the heaviness with soft and subdued makeup. Here are 20 looks we love that totally nail the balancing act of a dark, powerful lip and subtle makeup.

1. Defined Lashes and Oxblood Lips: We can’t think of a more classic (or classy) look. A swipe of lipstick and standout lashes make eyes and lips pop without being too heavy. (via Glamour)

2. Bold Brows, Bold Lips: If any feature is going to stand up to your powerful pout, it’s got to be your brows. Fill in or pair naturally thick and manicured brows with a deep purple lip for a symmetrical and gorgeous look. (via Brittany Brosseau)

3. Intensify Cherry Red: Ms. Dewan-Tatum does it best (are we even surprised?) by pairing a deep cherry lip with flawless skin. Her minimalist makeup makes her lips pop even more. Rock this look against porcelain skin for a perfect mouth all year long. (via Beauty High)

4. Go Subtle With Violet: A purple pout goes perfectly with olive skin and a light grey smokey eye. Keep things natural with a swipe of bronzer instead of blush. To make eyes pop without going too dramatic, add a touch of liner around your outer lashes. (via La Remede)

5. Fierce Simplicity: Oxblood is a powerful color, so pair it with bold and slightly messy brows, matte skin, and lots of mascara. Eyeshadow here will make the look too intense, so keep lids their natural color. (via Simplicity is Perfection)

6. Burgundy and Bare Faced: With a color as intense as burgundy, you want to keep the rest of your look subdued. Let your fresh face be the supporting star of the show, and add a little gloss to a wine-kissed pout to make it pop even more. (via The Zoe Report)

7. A Darker Take on Coral: We’re thrilled that one of our favorite summer shades can be adapted for this trend. Find a deep coral lipstick, and pair with some subtle smokey liner under your lashes for a look that transitions easily from summer to fall. (via ImgFave)

8. Rich Glossy Rouge: Stand out for a night on the town or an important work meeting by swiping on a rich red gloss. Defined top and bottom lashes tie the look together into a polished, chic package. (via Top Inspired)

9. Oxblood and Cat Eyes: Pair a dark oxblood lip with a subtle cat eye. Just drag a tiny bit liquid liner into the corners of your eyes to give them some definition. The star here is really that deep, dark shade. Make it matte for an added touch of class. (via Haute Air Soho)

10. Seeing Red: Red haired goddess Julianne Moore pairs subtle liner on her top lashes with a deep cherry pout. To get this look at home, keep your face fresh, add a touch of gloss to a red lipstick with orange tones, and apply a thin bit of liner above your lashes. (via Paperblog)

11. High Fashion Maroon: For a high fashion look, match this deep maroon lip with a high and glossy ponytail. Pulling your hair away from your face will draw attention to your standout lips. (via The Zoe Report)

12. Pretty in Pink: Yes, there is room for pink in the vampy trend. Pick a shade that combines elements of purple, red and maroon to achieve the perfect pink pout. It’s another great way to take your favorite summer look into the colder months. (via Salad Eyes)

13. Pair Scarlet With White: A study in contrasts, mixing scarlet glossy lips with white shadow will make both eyes and lips pop against your skin. Add a tiny bit of liner under your eyes to stand against the white and bring the look together. (via Madia Matilda)

14. Bold Lines: A clearly defined red lip will keep you from looking the way you did when you first tried mom’s lipstick when you were five. The picture of sophisticated control is completed with some sleek cat eyes. (via Fashionising)

15. Magnetic Magenta: Speaking of cat eyes, nothing draws us in more than a chic graphic liner + a full matte magenta pout. We love the way the lines extend slightly past the natural lip, mirroring her eye makeup. Try this look on a date for irresistible sizzle. (via SocialBliss)

16. Blushing Beauty: This glossy dark blush works on a summer night or a sunny fall day. You don’t need to pair it with anything but a little contouring blush matching your skin tone. Let your natural beauty shine through. (via Fashionising)

17. Rich Rose: Try this interesting blend of dark magenta with touches of pink. Pair with subtle shadow and lashes like Jessica Chastain or feel free to play with a little more blush and liner. (via T Magazine)

18. Red and Gold: This royal pairing best compliments a defined red lip: gold shadow and glowing skin. Brushing a light dusting of gold all the way up to your brow bones adds a bit of shine and sparkle to an potentially severe look. (via Kate Hearts DC)

19. Berry Stained: This subtle purple stains lips, and not at all in a “I had red wine with dinner” kind of way. Sounds like a perfect end-of-summer treat to us. (via Love Ginta)

20. Go All Out Drama: Okay, okay, we saved the best for last. This stunning look is probably better for a glamorous night out than your daily grind. Thick black liner pulled out to winged tips, paired with a deep red lip is the ultimate attention grabber. (via Fab Fashion Fix)

What’s your take on the vampy trend? Think you’ll try out one of these looks, or is the dark lip just too intense? Let us know your thoughts below!