In terms of style, it seems the Olsen twins can do no wrong. Even when they’re rocking an oversized flannel and bed head they somehow always manage to look red carpet ready. The twins have been big-name designers for some time now, busting out It Girl-worthy looks left and right. But unless you have $2,290 to spend on stretchy leather pants, you’re kind of stuck admiring the looks from afar — at least until now.

Ashley and MK have collaborated with Stylemint to create an accessory collection, and everything in the line comes in at $40 or less. No, we didn’t leave out any zeros — we’ll give you a second to process. Although the price point is significantly lower than their usual merchandise, don’t expect these pieces to look any less Olsenified.

The collection consists of 13 pieces all together — five handbags and eight pieces of jewelry. Everything is simple, clean and super versatile, just like you’d expect from the stylish sisters. The two say their goal was to create versatile pieces that transition easily from day to night. Mission accomplished, ladies. Like usual, you hit the nail on the head.

If you’re into any of these pieces, you’d better snatch them up quick. If there’s one thing we know about frugal fashionistas, it’s that they already had their online shopping carts filled up like, yesterday.

Any of the accessories from this collection strike your fancy? Which piece is your favorite?

(h/t WhoWhatWear)