We’ve seen some pretty amazing Kickstarter campaigns, from Anywhere Fridge (a fridge you can take, you guessed it, anywhere) to the Hey Joe Coffee Mug (fresh brews you can take… anywhere!), but our latest find isn’t for us. It’s for cats. One Fast Cat is basically a hamster wheel for cats, allowing your precious kitty to get all the exercise he needs without ever going outside.

Creator Sean Farley felt that keeping a cat inside goes against its instinct to hunt and run, so he created One Fast Cat as a way to let them exercise and expend their energy safely — so, without ever leaving the house. And evidently a serious number of cat owners share Farley’s thoughts, as the company quickly surpassed their $10,000 Kickstarter campaign goal and have currently raised over $285,000. That’s right, over a quarter of a million dollars invested in a cat wheel!

One Fast Cat comes in four colors (pink, green, blue and black) and is made of a special foam that prevents claws from getting stuck in it. Resting on a simple stand with wheels, the device is four feet wide and can be accessed by cats from either side. It’s also completely washable, so you can wipe or hose it down as necessary. We love easy cleanup :)

This Kickstarter campaign only has a few days to go! Since seriously surpassing their goal, One Fast Cat has already ordered their production run and is planning to ship the gadgets out next month. For only $199, your furry friend can get all the exercise he needs right inside your home.

And in case you’re not quite sold yet, check out this awesome video that shows One Fast Cat in action:

Would you buy one of these indoor exercise tools for your little kitty? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Mashable)